Fury as Ricky Gervais Netflix show After Life bench ‘destroyed’ by vandals


Around 25 pews have been donated across the UK by Netflix after series three of Ricky Gervais’ After Life – each with a QR code leading to suicide awareness websites

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After Life: Official Netflix Season 3 Trailer

A bench that represents hope for those who have lost someone or have mental health issues has been destroyed in a ‘disgusting’ act of vandalism.

Earlier this year, Netflix donated 25 benches for different parts of the UK following Ricky Gervais’ After Live series, each with QR codes leading to suicide awareness websites, to mark the third show series.

Sitting on a bench by his wife’s grave gives Tony, Ricky Gervais’ character in his hit series After Life, time to reflect on the meaning of life.

The benches have proven to be a hit with people across the UK, but one bench, donated to Nottingham City Center Arboretum, was destroyed over the weekend, with wooden planks stacked on top of it .

Netflix has donated 25 benches to local councils across the UK as part of a mental health initiative



The message ‘Hope is Everything’ can be seen on top of all that remains there, Live reporting from Nottinghamshire.

Ricky Gervais said after donating the benches, “We hope the benches will create a lasting legacy for After Life, as well as become a place to visit, and we are delighted to be associated with CALM and the excellent work they do.”

A gold plaque inscribed on the benches reads: “This bench is donated by Netflix to commemorate Ricky Gervais.”

Vandals have destroyed a bench in Nottingham donated by Netflix to mark Ricky Gervais’ After Life show.


Nottingham Post/BPM Media)

The act was called ‘despicable’ by passers-by as Vivian O’Boyle, 69, said: ‘My husband just died, three weeks ago – maybe I wanted to donate a bench near here as we used to come and sit here every morning instead.

“I knew about the bench – I think it’s disgusting, totally disgusting. I wonder what’s going through people’s heads, honestly. What’s the need to do that? I think in a way, you must have pity on these people.

“You don’t know what’s going on in their life so you shouldn’t be judgmental, but it’s a horrible thing to do. I always come here because I always try to do things that I used to do with my husband. , i don’t want to try to avoid everything.

The Netflix series has proven popular with fans



“It’s such a lovely and peaceful place. To think that we’re so close to the city center is amazing, you can come here and listen to the birds and the church bells. It’s really lovely.”

Andy Church, 50, added: “I just saw what’s left of it – it’s absolutely despicable. It’s completely insane.

“I loved the show when it aired and I loved seeing people sitting on that bench. I really don’t know where the world is at.”

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