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Verstappen did not feature in season four of Drive to Survive despite being focused on his title triumph over Lewis Hamilton.

The Dutchman was highly critical of the documentary as the show was “pretending rivalries” and therefore refused to take part in interviews during the final series.

Speaking ahead of the British Grand Prix on Thursday, Verstappen revealed he had a “good conversation” with the production team, lifting their strict boycott of the show.

“I sat down with them and we talked about it and said what I thought had gone wrong in the past,” Verstappen said.

“It was actually a really good quick little chat and we’ll try to improve from there and so you can have a bit more say in how you’re going to be portrayed instead of giving an interview and not knowing what is going to be done with it and how they put it in the show.

“And that’s all I’m asking, realistically, at least from my side. I can’t control, of course, what they do with the other pilots, but at least I want to control what we release and that’s what we’re going to do.

“I hope of course it’s going to be good because I also understand that Netflix has really contributed to the popularity of F1 in the United States and I don’t mind playing a part in that, but it has to be good to both of us.”

Verstappen admitted that he did not want to play a major role in the new series, but wanted to be consulted in the segments shown to him to ensure he was presented in a positive light.

“Well, I understand that for people watching it, all the will to survive, they want more people and a bit more of a personal story,” Verstappen added. “But of course the way I want to be seen, not if you can’t control what’s in there.

“But anyway, I think that’s how it should be and be able to say, sorry guys, I don’t think that makes me look good, because sometimes you don’t even know there’s a camera around or someone walks behind you and they can use it. We had a good conversation, so let’s see what comes out of it and what’s in it.

Ricciardo gets the Hulu show

McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo has a fictional new F1-based TV series to air on Disney-backed channel Hulu.

There hasn’t been much news about Ricciardo’s new project, but the Australian will serve as executive producer, while US film and TV production company Temple Hill Entertainment is involved.

“It’s a fictional F1 TV series,” Ricciardo said. “So I would say, think Ballers or Entourage in the world of F1. “I teamed up with Temple Hill, they know what they’re doing in this area. I have full confidence in them.

“But I’m basically going to act as an executive producer, trying – where I can – to steer the ship a bit.”

Given the F1 boom with Drive to Survive, it’s no surprise that other streaming services want to get involved.

Seven-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton is working on a documentary series with Apple TV centering on the British driver.

Additionally, Apple is working on a movie starring Brad Pitt, with Hamilton set to be involved.

“With the Lewis thing, if somebody thinks of it as a competition or something, it’s not at all,” Ricciardo added. “Obviously with what he’s doing, with Hulu and me and Netflix and all that, I think it’s cool that we’re using the growth – or the pace of growth – of Formula 1 to get into projects like this. here and bring out the sport.

“In a way, I see it as we all support each other to support the sport.”


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