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In this episode of the Northland Outdoors podcast, host Chad Koel is thrilled to chat with hunter Randy Newberg, one of the nation’s leading advocates for public land access. Newberg is the host of the “Fresh Tracks” and “On Your Own Adventures” series.

Newberg grew up in northern Minnesota and currently resides in Montana.

“This guy hunts anything and everything wherever he can find it. And he shares all of this with all of us. And that’s the best thing, teaching so many other people how to hunt,” says Koel.

Newberg says the success of his shows could be tied to the fact that he’s not afraid to show failures as well as successes during a hunt.

“We filmed our fears and our struggles and I think that’s why audiences instantly bonded with our content,” says Newberg. , greatest success at 100%. No one ever misses. No one ever does a bad job. …we would show up stuck in the mud or the truck would break down or you would see the whole calamity of the mistakes and we were probably one of the first platforms to air this stuff.

In a fun, wide-ranging discussion, Koel and Newberg reminisce about memorable hunts, proving the value of access to public lands and why llamas, not horses, are a favored way to help get into the backcountry. country.


  • 00:00 / Introduction: About Randy Newberg
  • 4:30 p.m .: How he ended up in Montana
  • 11:45 a.m .: How he started hunting and the beginnings of outdoor television
  • 4:45 p.m.: Discussing his health issues and how it sparked ideas for video production
  • 11:30 p.m.: On the leap to online video platforms
  • 11:45 p.m .: Why public land hunting is so important
  • 36:55: Introducing adults and children to the outdoors and how you can get excited about getting involved in politics
  • 39:33: How to hunt alone without a guide
  • 43:19: How technology has changed hunting
  • 48:33: Using what you have on a hunt in central Montana
  • 53:38 Backcountry hunting with llamas

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