Evidence is mounting that Netflix wants to be the Netflix of games


Netflix has sometimes taken a plunge into gaming, perhaps with the hit movie “Choose Your Own Adventure”. Black mirror: Bandersnatch as the most striking example. But the streaming giant could expand into the game further with a new set for Netflix subscribers, according to multiple reports over the past few days.

Information had the first report Friday, writing that Netflix wants to hire an executive to oversee the new gaming efforts and that the company is considering a game set similar to Apple Arcade. (Hours later, Reuters corroborated that a game director is a planned hire at Netflix.) The company also chose not to include any ads in games, according to Information. But Information also said that Netflix’s plans are still “very evolving.”

In a report released on Monday, however, Axios shared more details of its own reports. A Axios The source said it thinks of the upcoming service, which would be offered to Netflix subscribers, as a “little Apple Arcade bundle” that would include both a licensed Netflix IP and games ordered from independent studios. The service could however be a solution, “perhaps launched in 2022”.

Although Netflix has not publicly confirmed the potential expansion of its gaming efforts, in a statement released by the two Information and Polygon, the company has left the door open to the idea that it is indeed planning to do more with games:

Our members appreciate the variety and quality of our content. That’s why we’ve continuously expanded our offering – from series to documentaries, movies, local language originals and reality TV. Members also enjoy interacting more directly with the stories they love – through interactive shows like Bandersnatch and You against Wild, or games based on Strange things, The Casa de Papel and To all the boys. So we’re excited to do more with interactive entertainment.

Netflix has a lot titles based on popular video games that are currently available or in development, such as Castlevania, resident Evil, and The witcher (which is one of Netflix’s biggest shows), so the company clearly sees the value of video games as IP. It’s not strange to think that the company would want to market its series through new games, or, in the ultimate ouroboros, create a new game that will ultimately become a new one. Netflix show in the future.

Netflix seemed to be on its way in 2019 – it had partnered with Telltale Games on a secret Strange things game that died before it was announced, with a source telling The edge that “Netflix had just entered space and didn’t really have a playgroup in place yet.” Telltale’s Minecraft: story mode survived, however, and is still at least partially playable on netflix now.

Many companies are trying to create a service called “Netflix, but for games”. Apple Arcade and Xbox Game Pass are just two that come to mind. But these reports and Netflix’s curious non-denial suggest that Netflix might like to eat its own lunch this time around.


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