Ethan Plath returns to Instagram, but why?


Ethan Plath has been missing from Instagram for a significant period of time. The disappearance is gone Welcome to Plathville fans are scratching their heads. They weren’t quite sure what had happened to him. Many were worried about his well-being. He, however, has recently returned to Instagram. His return caused more confusion and questions. Why did he disappear? And, more importantly, why did he come back?

What happened to Ethan Plath?

January 1st. It was the last time Ethan Plath posted on Instagram. He’s been missing for months. On May 14, however, it resurfaced. Posting an update on his life for the first time since January. Welcome to Plathville were relieved to see a message from him. After all, they had a lot of questions, concerns, and theories. Many have presented that her marriage is in bad shape. Is that why he stepped away from the spotlight?

About a week ago, Ethan Plath took to Instagram to share a gorgeous photo of himself and his wife. The photo clearly showed that there was nothing wrong with their marriage, as people had assumed. See the original Instagram post below.

The photo had Ethan with his arms wrapped around his wife. They both had huge smiles on their faces. Obviously, they were in a very happy place. The photo oozed love and happiness.

He was celebrating his birthday

As it turns out, he took to Instagram to announce that he is celebrating his 23rd birthday with his beautiful wife. And, he couldn’t be happier to have her by his side. Welcome to Plathville it wasn’t long before fans wished him a happy birthday. They also admitted how excited they were to see the couple still doing well together.

A few fans even joked that they had no idea Ethan and his wife were so young. Realizing that it was his 23rd birthday, some fans felt old. Unsurprisingly, many of the Plath family have also crept in to the comments to wish him a happy birthday.

Sadly, we’re not quite sure why Ethan Plath took a hiatus from social media. But he and his wife seem to be doing just fine. And that’s all the fans of this reality TV family really want!

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