Echo 3 Creator Mark Boal Reveals the Difficulties Filming the Series in Colombia (Exclusive)


The US State Department has issued dire warnings to citizens wishing to travel to Colombia, noting that “violent crime, including armed robbery and homicide, is widespread” in specific locations, including groups active terrorists. That hasn’t stopped film and TV productions from setting up shop there, though, including the new Apple TV+ series. echo 3. Speaking to’s Chris Killian ahead of the series premiere, series creator Mark Boal explained that he will be working in Colombia for the duration of filming. When we asked if there was a time when they were nervous about working in the South American country, the response was surprising.

“No, I mean actually, we were filming during the pandemic. So the biggest issue was the COVID precautions and making sure the crew was safe from the same thing everyone else was doing. face all over the world,” confirmed the Oscar winner. “Colombia has a bit of a reputation of having, you know, a security problem. But we haven’t really encountered that. I mean we’ve taken some precautions but we haven’t had any problems on that front. . It was mostly mosquitoes and COVID.”

Boal went on to explain how his decisions as showrunner of the series and his own taste for television stories have evolved the concept of echo 3 episode by episode, and how Colombia has also helped her in this regard.

I’m not really a fan of TV shows where every episode is the exact same mix of dialogue and violence and the same actors over and over. So the world is kind of like in a movie, the world keeps expanding and changing. And it was super fun to work with and obviously, or maybe not obviously, but also just kind of a big logistical challenge. We shot everything in Colombia after the pilot. Everything else in the series takes place in Colombia, which is a beautiful country but also a little tough when you’re dealing with the geographic diversity there. We went down to the beaches. We were also in the bustling city of Bogota and in the jungle itself. It was great for the camera and it was great and kind of a character in itself, but it’s a tough physical environment to be in.

The first three episodes of echo 3 will premiere on Apple TV+ on Wednesday, November 23, with new episodes weekly. Luke Evans directs the cast of the series based on the award-winning series “When Heroes Fly”, created by Omri Givon and inspired by the eponymous novel by Amir Gutfreund. Apple TV+ describes it as follows:

“Set in South America, this action-packed thriller follows Amber Chesborough, a brilliant young scientist who is the emotional heart of a small American family. When Amber disappears along the Colombian-Venezuelan border, her brother, Bambi , and her husband, Prince — two men with deep military experience and complicated pasts — struggle to find her in a layered personal drama set against the explosive backdrop of a secret war.”


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