Disney+ removes Stan Lee Tribute from Marvel Netflix Show


Recently, Netflix shook the world when it was announced that the service would lose the rights to stream its own original Netflix series. It meant the likes of daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, iron first, The defendersand The Punisher would leave their homes. Best of all, they’ve been posed to join the rest of Marvel’s live-action library on Disney+.

When the decision was made, many people worried about censorship; shows can be pretty brutal, after all. Fortunately, this was never the case and the integrity of the shows was maintained.


However, they were not immune to change. For example, the original credit for Netflix in the opening credits was removed from shows, replaced instead with a Disney+ logo.

Now, another tweak to one of the shows has been discovered: the removal of a tribute to Stan Lee.

Stan Lee Tribute deleted on Disney+

A tribute to Stan Lee has been removed from The Punisherthe second season finale of , which was released in January 2019. The “In Loving Memory of Stan Lee” tribute is now replaced with an extended black screen before the credits.


What was displayed can be seen below:

The Punisher

The reasoning behind the removal is unknown, but a prevailing theory is that the scene preceding the tribute has Frank Castle gunning down a group of people. Of course, that’s not the confirmed cause for the change — after all, that was how it was when the tribute first aired with the show in 2019.

Punishment guns
The Punisher

Curiously, the Stan Lee tribute found at the end of Jessica Jones season 3 is still present on Disney+.


This isn’t the only tribute Disney+ has edited from a Marvel-Netflix show: the tribute to the late actor Reg E. Cathey, who played Reverend James Lucas in Luke Cage, during the season two finale was also removed.

The original tribute can be seen below:

Luke Cage
Luke Cage


Why did Disney+ remove the Stan Lee tribute?

Regarding the deletion of the tribute to Stan Lee in The Punisher, maybe Marvel/Disney had always thought the placement of this one was in poor taste, this was the company’s first chance to make this change (at least, under this current management). After all, it’s a little strange to see what’s supposed to be a touching title card shortly after an entire group of people have been gunned down.

As for Reg E. Cathey’s “In Memoriam”, this one is much more difficult to understand. In fact, there really isn’t a good reason on the surface. Maybe the company aims to replace it with another?

A more complex theory could be that when the show moved to Disney+, the powers to use an older video file, one that didn’t yet have the tribute placed in the timeline.


Perhaps Marvel will comment on the changes if enough conversation is sparked by the findings. Otherwise, it may be a mystery that will never be answered.

All of the old Netflix Marvel shows are now streaming on Disney+.



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