Critérium Dauphiné 2022: Live stream updates and how to watch stage 6 between Rives and Gap | 06/09/2022

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Follow stage 6 of the Critérium Dauphiné 2022 in Live Stream here!

In a few moments we will share with you live the first moments of stage 6 of the Critérium Dauphiné 2022, as well as the latest information on the route between Rives and Gap. Stay tuned for VAVEL’s minute-by-minute coverage of the quarry.

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How to watch the live broadcast of Stage 6 of the Critérium Dauphiné 2022 on TV and online?

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What time is stage 6 of the Critérium Dauphiné 2022?

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Gap is the main town in the Southern Alps, has a commercial turnover of 360 million euros (55% of the amount of the Hautes-Alpes department) and is home to 2,000 companies employing 20,000 people. Designated “the sportiest city in France” in 2013 by the newspaper L’Équipe, in 2014 it welcomed the return of the Monte-Carlo Rally with resounding success which has never wavered since, as evidenced by the eighth edition consecutive in January 2021. hockey is also part of the city’s DNA, with an ice rink, the Alp’Aréna, which is the pride of the Rapaces, the local club which fights year after year for the national title of discipline. Gap is a classified tourist destination, located in a strategic position in the heart of the mountain and the alpine resorts, ensuring animation in all seasons. Gap is also a city of culture, with many events, the summer festival Éclats d’été, its nationally renowned theatre, the Quattro concert hall, its museum and its conservatory.

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Rives, located on the highway between Grenoble and Lyon and a major city in the Pays Voironnais, steeped in history, with its origins dating back to Gallo-Roman times and proud of its dynamic commercial fabric, is a city in constant evolution. After families of industrialists who exploited the Fure, a wild river descending from Lake Paladru, to set up metallurgical and paper-making activities there, large companies are now continuing the adventure and exporting their know-how throughout the world. The opulent residences and religious buildings, bequeathed by these illustrious families of the past, continue to adorn the streets of the city. At the heart of a catchment area extending from Voiron to Grésivaudan via the Grenoble conurbation, Les Rives enjoys a lifestyle close to the city which offers them a multitude of associative activities: traditional flower parades , free concerts on Wednesdays in summer, “The overseas music festival in Rives or the large Christmas village are just a few examples, around the pleasure of being together.

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Stage route

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🔟🟨 Top 10 – Overall Ranking

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🔟🏁 Top 10 – Step 5

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Summary of the previous step

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Welcome to’s coverage of stage 6 of the Critérium Dauphiné 2022 between Rives and Gap Live Updates

My name is Jhonatan Martinez and I will be your host for this stage. We’ll bring you preview analysis, updates and live news right here on VAVEL.


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