Colton’s Netflix series to include Cassie Randolph relationship


Netflix co-star Colton Underwood recently assured fans that the former bachelor’s toxic relationship with Cassie will be addressed on the show.

Former leader of The single person Colton Underwood is getting his own Netflix show, and she will apparently address his problematic relationship with ex-girlfriend Cassie Randolph. Although Colton gained the support of many Bachelor Nation stars after coming out, many fans were upset that the toxic behavior of his last relationship had apparently been swept under the rug. However, new information on Colton’s Netflix reality show indicates that his disastrous relationship with Cassie will not be ignored.

Cassie was the last recipient of Colton’s rose, and after their season ended, the couple dated for over a year before announcing their split. But Colton didn’t take the separation well and started pestering Cassie. He hung out outside her apartment, sent disturbing texts, and even installed a GPS tracker on Cassie’s car, to the point where Cassie filed an injunction against Colton. Eventually, Cassie agreed to drop the restraining order. Colton recently announced the Hello america that he was gay.

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Many fans were furious that the interviewer hadn’t pushed Colton harder for his stalking accusations against Cassie and are upset that he was getting a platform on Netflix. However, Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy, who will be featured on the new show, commented on “Heat“that Colton received.”When it came out, the show was also leaked and that took things out of context, and also, like, the information that was leaked wasn’t even necessarily correct,“Kenworthy said to Us weekly. He added that much of the fan outrage was “kind of useless”Although he agreed with some of them.

Colton Underwood addresses enemies who criticize his kiss

“People had scruples and wanted an explanation of his situation with his ex“Kenworthy said of the backlash against Colton’s Netflix show. “I think it’s totally fair and valid that people have disputed that, and I think the show will answer it.“Some Single Fans have offered to boycott Colton’s new show, though Kenworthy urged them to better understand what Colton went through before he stepped out. “Sometimes we have the impression of drowning. And then you go through that and you go up the ladder and I think people are too quick to pull the ladder after them.

Although the old Single The new lead show will address his relationship with Cassie, Colton’s ex is reportedly not making an appearance on the show itself. Cassie is currently in a new relationship and it looks like she’s more than ready to leave all of Colton’s drama in the past. It’s unclear exactly how the show will approach Colton and Cassie’s problematic relationship, but I hope the former manager takes responsibility for his mistakes and uses his new platform to educate viewers about his toxic behavior.

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Source: Us weekly

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