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Thank goodness he’s finally back. The great British pastry fair, the streaming equivalent of stress-relieving comfort food, launched an all-new collection of home bakers on Friday who will compete in the reality series’ 10-week series of tests and challenges. You don’t even have to enjoy baking to quickly find yourself caught up in the best aspects of the show here, everything from the decency and charm of these amateur talents to the great drama of the judges scrutinizing each carefully crafted culinary creation.

In an interview with Netflix included with the streamer’s marketing materials for this new season of The great British pastry fair, Judge Paul Hollywood said of the new bakers: “The standard was very high. They had good ideas and executed them well. They were all very professional.

Newcomers to the popular baking reality TV series, meanwhile, might have a question: why have I sometimes seen this show called The Great British Bake-Off? Is it the same or something different?

The great British pastry fair Collect 10

PBS started airing the show in the US in 2014, under the name you see on NetflixThe great British pastry fair. That’s because Pillsbury owns various trademarks covering permutations of ‘Bake Off’, and it was thought that bringing the popular British baking series under its better-known name of The Great British Bake Off here would lead to brand confusion.

Alright, so a slight name change – problem solved, right?

Well, not quite.

(Left to right) (rear) James, Abdul, Janusz, Carole, Kevin, William and Dawn. (front) Maisam, Rebs, Sandro, Maxy and Syabira, in the new season of ‘The Great British Baking Show’.

The show also had to take other corrective measures so that The great British pastry fair does not violate US copyright law. For example, hosts film separate intros for shows, welcoming viewers either The Great British Bake Off Where The great British pastry fairdepending on the case.

Similarly, the language of the winning ad is truncated, reduced from “The winner of The Great British Bake Off is…” to, simply, “The winner is…” Some digital editing magic is also used on the winning trophy, so that US viewers see the localized version of the show’s name.

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Speaking of American viewers, The Roku Channel is preparing an American spin-off of the series titled The Great American Pastry Show. As if all of that wasn’t confusing enough, this show will feature existing judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith. And it’s also filmed on the same grounds as the existing show.

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