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Jörg Winger and Big Window Productions, in cooperation with Panthertainment and Tyron Ricketts, tell the extraordinary story of East Germany’s first black policeman in their first collaboration for Disney+

London, UK (March 28, 2022) – ‘Sam – A Saxon’, a new German original series for Disney+, began production in January. The series will be filmed until the end of May under the direction of director Soleen Yusef and director Sarah Blaßkiewitz.

“Sam – A Saxon” is based on the incredible true story of Samuel Meffire, East Germany’s first black policeman. The gripping series follows Sam in his relentless search for a home and his fight for justice against an overpowering system. The series will uncover his underdog childhood, shaped by the murder of his father, his meteoric rise as a symbolic figure and the media sensation of a new Germany; to Sam’s deep fall from favor and his escape as enemy of state number one. The highly moving and thrilling series produced by Emmy Award winner Jörg Winger and Tyron Ricketts shows a captivating and fresh take on Germany that will leave you speechless and move you at the same time.

The producers of the seven-episode miniseries are International Emmy Award winner Jörg Winger (“Deutschland83/86/89”), who is also the showrunner of “Sam – A Saxon”, Sebastian Werninger (both from Big Window Productions) and Tyron Ricketts (Panthertainment). Leslie-Alina Schaefer is executive producer and producer for Naomi Marne (Big Window Productions). The creators are Tyron Ricketts, Jörg Winger and Christoph Silber (“I’m Off Then”). “Sam – A Saxon” brings together an exceptional and diverse team behind and in front of the camera: the main directors are Soleen Yusef (“House Without Roof”, “Deutschland89”) and Sarah Blaßkiewitz (“Precious Ivie”), while Christoph Silber and Jörg Winger as lead writers, along with the writers room (Malina Nnendi Nwabuonwo, Toks Koerner, Tyron Ricketts, Soleen Yusef, and Carolin Wuerfel), wrote the screenplays. “Sam – A Saxon” is based on the biography of Samuel Meffire. Malick Bauer (“Frau Jordan stellt gleich”, “Wir”) stars; Alex – Sam’s mentor, who shares with him the experience of being a black German – is played by Tyron Ricketts. The series also stars Svenja Jung, Luise von Finckh, Nyamandi Adrian, Paula Essam, Ivy Quainoo, Thorsten Merten, Martin Brambach, Aristo Luis, Daniel Klare among others, with Stephan Burchardt and Max Preiss behind the camera.

Producer and creator Jörg Winger (Big Window Productions) describes the unusual development of the project: “Since Tyron told me the true story of Sam Meffire fifteen years ago, he has never let me go. It’s a of those rare stories that never cease to fascinate – whichever perspective you look at it from: as an emotional thriller, as the drama of a lost son, as a commentary on Germany’s Roaring Twenties of the East in the early 1990s. Sam’s story is very moving, gripping, unfathomable and hopeful. It’s local but globally understandable. And it gives us insight into a man’s search for identity. Black German. My team at Big Window Productions and I are so happy to have been able to take this exciting path with Disney+.”

Bringing the story of “Sam – A Saxon” to life, a year-long dream comes true for producer and creator Tyron Ricketts (Panthertainment), who also discovered him. As a storyteller, he is driven by a burning desire to give voice to the authentic experiences of mostly underrepresented people of color in Germany: “When Sam told me his story, it was clear to me that this story had to go around the world It was then like today about a radical change of society and the attempt to find a place in it. While we are used to seeing the world through a white lens, ” Sam – A Saxon” tells the story of the first black policeman in East Germany looking for his home from his own perspective – that of a black German. It is an important and necessary step in the landscape German cinema.

Anne Tide, Director of Original Productions at The Walt Disney Company GSA, says: “When Jörg and Tyron presented Sam’s story to us, we were deeply moved and at the same time electrified because we immediately felt that it was exactly the right time to tell the story of Sam’s life to German and international audiences. This particular perspective of a life in Germany will appeal to a wide audience and perfectly meets our standards for local original series on Disney+. together with our partners at Big Window and Panthertainment, we now look forward to filming with an amazing cast and crew in front and behind the camera. We are very proud to be able to produce this exciting and moving series as our first fictional project and throw a new look at Germany, a kind of look we’ve never seen before.”


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