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Milagro Azul, the latest Netflix movie directed by Julio Quintana, has the sane tone of a typical family drama, but with very little originality. And this is a weak point which is revealed very quickly. From the first sequences, there is no doubt about what will happen and the challenge that the scenario will have to take up to make it attractive. Yet, and despite everything, in a few hours it is number one in the ranking of the most watched films on the platform.

An impossible competition, teamwork, an unexpected triumph over an arrogant opponent. How many times can it be counted The same story without falling into clichés? Quintana makes a good attempt to make an argument about overtaking loaded with good intentions, but without enough skill to make it new.

It’s not about the director not trying in this Netflix movie. The story of a group of marginalized children trying to succeed a tight fishing competition it is the epitome of well-intentioned cinema. And maybe, because of that, it brings all the twists and turns that define an almost familiar subgenre. But Quintana strives to give its characters a vitality and a certain bittersweet air to the plot. The result is a combination of the enthusiasm of any film based on hope, and also on the path of spiritual growth. However, the script cannot go beyond its status as a film intended to move.

The group of dispossessed children who must unite for a common, noble and uplifting cause, meet all the tropes of drama

It’s a combination that sometimes it’s uncomfortable. Based on a true story, the plot has the potential to break away from the sense of pursuit of a goal to achieve something more complete. The group of dispossessed children who must unite for a common, noble and uplifting cause, encounter all the tropes of drama.

From the pain of loss, to the inevitable traumas of poverty and the situations his characters go through, Milagro Azul tries to be inspiring. It is sometimes, and especially when we forget to convey a message. The best moments in Quintana’s storyline are the ones that focus the most on how its characters show their humanity.

But the need to clarify that this It’s a film where good triumphs engender a certain uncomfortable moral air. Time and time again, Milagro Azul draws on the perception of poverty, abandonment and concern for the future to chart the overall story. And it is this inability to give vitality to the central argument one of the fundamental problems of the feature film.

‘Milagro Azul’: towards the sea in search of hope

Relationships between troubled children and adults who find faith in them abound in the films. Especially now, where moderately successful phenomena such as McFarland, USA (2015) have explored the idea from a certain ingenious spectrum.

However, Milagro Azul does not. The director seems more interested in show a certain heroic air in a generic tour of a topical story. In addition, the big shots of similar dramas are more visible than ever, like a very blatant moralizing sermon.

Omar (Jimmy Gonzáles) plays a man with a painful past, who must face his own pain and sins for the well-being of the children in his care. Of course, the reluctant savior condition has an artificial tone that is most of the time uncomfortable.

The sea as a last resort in this film

Bisbee’s fishing tournament then becomes the possibility of saving the refuge that Omar directs and also the engine of the plot of this Netflix film. There is no middle ground between thinking about the sufferings of poverty and exclusion and the notion of triumph.

Much less when it is decided that Wade (Dennis Quaid) is the man who has to endure this bumpy journey to triumph. Quintana manages somehow the idea of ​​this metaphor of the passage towards interior reconciliation. But he does it with so little skill that all his intention to show the strength of a united front for a noble goal immediately vanished.

Instead, the movie really struggles to resolve the right and wrong point of view, responsibility, and morality. In an uncomfortable bond with Omar, Wade and the children fight for success without the objective being clear or, even worse, the means to make it credible.

It lacks a little more daring and personality

Milagro Azul is filled with a photograph that emphasizes the sea– and blue tones – as a metaphor for transition. He does this through the staging of Santiago Benet Mari, who gives the film its most luminous and radiant visual moments. But the visuals have a bombastic tone compared to the script, which is unable to support this notion of the ocean as a backdrop.

For his final sequences – and when the result of the epic feat in miniature is already evident – Milagro Azul played his best plot cards. He did so without success, nor enthusiasm and with an inconsistent result which is disappointing. It lacks a bit more daring and personality. Most disappointing point about a Netflix movie that could be better than it is.


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