Best movies and TV shows on Disney+ and Paramount+ from March 26-27, 2022


From familiar classics to video game adaptations, these are the best movies and shows streaming on Disney+ and Paramount+ this weekend.

March may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean streaming services are stopping their efforts to release as much spring content as possible. Long-established platforms like Netflix and Hulu are known for hosting a wide variety of movies and shows, but newer services like Disney+ and Paramount+ aren’t far behind. From new releases to cult classics, here are the best TV shows and movies streaming on Disney+ and Paramount+ this weekend.

The Royal Tenenbaums brings back old school charm

Nobody makes heartwarming movies like Wes Anderson, and The Royal Tenenbaums is no exception. Available on Paramount+, this classic film has timeless appeal, stunning visuals, and clever writing. Holding a surprising amount of depth in its comedic tone, The Royal Tenenbaums explains why Wes Anderson is one of the most renowned directors working today.

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With Danny Glover, Ben Stiller, Gwyneth Paltrow and a host of other stars, The Royal Tenenbaums shines a light on a dysfunctional family of once gifted children who struggle to stay together. As the adults deal with their failures and disappointments while trying to come to terms with their estranged father, audiences will be swept up as the family tries to redeem themselves in the most absurd and comedic way possible.

Edward Scissorhands mixes nostalgia with classic cult appeal

Edward Scissorhands

When you think of the iconic films of the 90s, there is no better example than Edward Scissorhands. Starring Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder and directed by legendary director Tim Burton, Edward Scissorhands is a romance and fantasy genre tale with just the right amount of weirdness. An artificial humanoid with a troubling design flaw, Edward is a gentle soul who, despite his kindness and purity, is treated like an outcast by others because he literally has scissors for his hands. Taken in by a traditional family living in the suburbs, Edward falls in love with their teenage daughter Kim, played wonderfully by Ryder. Exploring the themes of love and self-discovery, Edward Scissorhands takes Paramount+’s growing library to new levels.

The Halo Adaptation series puts Master Chief on the big screen

Master Chief in Halo

Adapted from one of the most popular video game anthologies of all time, the Halo The series is set to be an ambitious tale of Master Chief’s quest to protect humanity from the Covenant, a military alliance of different alien species seeking to commit genocide against the human race. Led by showrunners Kyle Killen and Steven Kane, Episode 1 of Halo is streaming exclusively on Paramount+, and while the rest of the season has yet to be released, the excitement of the game’s die-hard fans has led to an early renewal for Season 2. With that in mind, it’s not No way Halo fanatics and sci-fi fans will have at least two seasons of action and alien warfare to look forward to.

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Turning Red tackles uncomfortable teenage years

turn red

While it was originally supposed to premiere in theaters, turn red found a home on Disney+ instead. Following a young girl named Mei as she navigates puberty, the boy band’s obsessions, and her newfound ability to transform into a giant red panda, turn red teaches a valuable lesson in normalizing the ups and downs of adolescence.

After recent controversy over Disney’s decision to release turn red streaming directly at no additional cost, Pixar staff expressed deep disappointment and continually defended the quality and important message behind the film. Indeed, in an age where truly fun movies that balance important themes with kid-friendly entertainment are rare, turn red is a breath of fresh air for a wide variety of audiences.

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Daredevil needs to be reviewed

Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock aka Daredevil

Marvel fans were shocked when it emerged that daredevil and the other three solo Defenders series are said to be leaving Netflix, but thankfully they can now be found on Disney+ and are currently available to watch. The number of accessible superhero shows can be daunting, but there’s no better place to start than this critically acclaimed fan-favorite series.

Charlie Cox stars as Matt Murdock, a lawyer who is blinded after a horrific childhood accident. After this event, however, Murdock’s other senses reached superhuman levels, leading him to become the masked vigilante known as Daredevil. With three seasons of heart-pounding action, memorable performances, and a fresh and grounded take on the superhero genre, fans and critics agree daredevil is a cut above the rest.

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