At $30 million per episode, Netflix presents Season 4 of Stranger Things


Jhe next installment in the Stranger Things franchise just aired this Saturday night, the first episode of the 4th season unveiled this year’s initial plot for fans to rejoice.

Fans were able to tweet after the show

Netflix’s anchor show was screened and the media had great things to say as they were allowed to tweet about the show as soon as it ended, this has never happened before and the reactions about the show have raised expectations for the new season, they have received great reviews so far, even having “almost perfect” comments.

Netflix spent $30 million per episode

According to attendees, the show was the scariest edition to date, others spoke highly of the production and special effects, worth $30 million, which is what Netflix would have spent per episode. The first part of the series is set to release on May 27, and the second part will “stream” until July 1.

This is the penultimate season of the entire series, which will end in the 5th season.

With the series ending in the 5th season, and according to creators Matt and Ross Duffer they had it all planned out seven years ago, they even have the full story arc, including the characters and the fate of the rag-tag campaign of young people having a coming-of-age adventure we all love.

The creators wrote a letter to fans

At the time, we predicted that the story would last four to five seasons. It proved too big to tell in four but – as you will see for yourselves – we are now racing towards our finale.


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