Anne with E star opens with breast cancer diagnosis at age 19


Anne with an E star, Miranda McKeon talks about being diagnosed with cancer at age 19 and how she strives to find beauty in it.

Anne with an E The star, Miranda McKeon, said she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 19. Anne with an E was an original Netflix series based on the Anne of the Green Gables books by Lucy Maud Montgomery. McKeon portrayed Josie Pye, a friend and classmate of Anne Shirley. The series ran for three seasons before Netflix canceled it. Anne with an E the cancellation sparked petitions for its renewal as viewers expressed outrage at the sudden cancellation.

Anne with an E received positive reviews as many praised him for his accurate depiction of the life of an orphan girl and for the way he tackled heavy topics of child abandonment, trauma, race and feminism. McKeon’s Josie exemplified many of these topics as she struggled with an abusive family member and often turned to bullying as an outlet. However, she grew as individuals and soon even found an ally in Anne. The strength and growth of her character was impressive, but perhaps pale in comparison to McKeon’s actual strength.

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In an interview with PeopleMcKeon spoke of being diagnosed with breast cancer at age 19. McKeon was spending a weekend at a beach house with friends when she noticed a lump on her breast. An ultrasound and biopsy quickly confirmed she had breast cancer, making her one in a million due to her young age. Her cancer is considered stage 3 due to its spread to her lymph nodes and McKeon will have to undergo four months of chemotherapy, followed by radiation therapy and possible surgery. However, the likelihood of her recovery is high due to her age and general health. For now, she remains strong and strives to find beauty in it all. She began to document her journey in a blog, hoping that she could inspire, comfort and heal others in similar situations. Check out his statement below:

My doctor said to me, ‘Your stage doesn’t define you. And your cancer is your cancer. Which I appreciate because when you hear someone on stage your mind goes straight to one place or another and I don’t think that’s necessarily representative of what I’m going through. While I don’t have the simplest scenario, like I wish it hadn’t spread to my lymph nodes or was a little less complicated, I never had a moment where I was am said, ‘Oh, am I going to die of this?’ It was never really a thought. I think all this time it was more like, “Okay, we’ll deal with this and fix it.” I do my job of finding the beauty in it all. I wouldn’t have chosen that, I didn’t choose that, I don’t think anybody would choose that. But I’m doing my job to try to get something out of it. My blog is the only thing that’s super tangible that came out of where I’m like “Shit, this is awesome.” I hope that by documenting a good majority of this someone else can read it as they need it and find comfort and healing in the way. I write it. I feel like as humans we look at other people in other situations and think, wow, how do they do that? Or wow, I could never do that. And I probably would have thought the same of myself, but here I am and now I live in this story and I think we can all handle a lot more than we think we can.

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The old one Anne with an E star showed incredible maturity and poise in her discussion. Being diagnosed with breast cancer at age 19 is extremely rare, with less than 2% of all cases diagnosed before the age of 34. McKeon also acknowledged that there are many other aspects of cancer as a woman that most don’t hear about, such as freezing her eggs as a precaution in case her cancer affects her pregnancy. Still, McKeon doesn’t complain and acknowledges that while her diagnosis is complicated, she is fortunate that it is treatable and likely not fatal. She didn’t choose her diagnosis, but made it her mission to make it meaningful through her writing.

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