Airbender’s Latest Netflix Live-Action Show Reportedly Launched Avatar Kuruk


There are signs that Netflix’s Avatar: The Last Airbender will include Avatar Kuruk, one of Aang’s predecessors from the Northern Water Tribe.

A new cast for Netflix Avatar: The Last Airbender suggests that the series add Avatar Kuruk to its lineup. Netflix has entered the development of a live-action for the first time Avatar series in 2018, raising hopes that there might be something to wash away M. Night Shyamalan’s disappointment. The last air Master. For years, however, there have been few updates, and in 2020, AvatarOriginal creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino left the project. Albert Kim has since taken over as showrunner, and the series began production late last year after adding several people to its cast.


Should be a reimagining of the beloved animated show, Netflix‘s Avatar will dive right into Aang’s story. Newcomer Gordon Cormier will play Aang for the series, while Kiawentiio and Ian Ousley are set to play Katara and Sokka respectively. Dallas Liu plays Zuko, Avataris the first major villain. Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, Elizabeth Yu, and Daniel Dae Kim are helping round out the cast. Avatar Season 1 will consist of 8 one-hour episodes, and chances are it won’t air until early 2023.

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The series is still in production on season 1, as a recent casting notice reported by Knight Edge Media. Avatar would be looking for a man of Native descent in his thirties or forties to play “Dakota”. According to the report, it seems likely that the character is actually Avatar Kuruk, the last Water Tribe Avatar to come before Aang. The cast breakdown is as follows:


The character is a man, between 30 and 40 years old, of aboriginal origin. A legendary warrior from the past, he appears as a spirit to warn the tribe of the consequences of losing the upcoming battle. He has a soulful and melancholy demeanor, the result of losing the love of his life in a past war… RECURRING GUEST PERFORMER (EST. 2 EPS)

avatar netflix the next airbender

Kuruk doesn’t play a big role in the original Avatar, although he appears in a sequence in which former Avatars give advice to Aang. Netflix’s live-action series has already shown signs of increased focus on some of Aang’s predecessors; for example, Avatar Kyoshi will be played by Yvonne Chapman. If this character was actually Kuruk, it doesn’t look like he’ll play a significant role in the new one. Avatar and will only be around for about two episodes. However, he could still play a pivotal role in the season-ending battle at the Northern Water Tribe, as hinted at by the mention of an upcoming battle in the cast breakdown.

Although there may be some trepidation around this new live action Avatar, there is something to get excited about. It’s a great opportunity to explore some untapped areas of the Last Airbender world, like the stories of every Avatar that preceded Aang. The original series managed to weave some of that into Aang’s journey, but the novella might bring something new to the table. With production still ongoing, it may be a while before Netflix reveals more about Avatar. Until then, fans can theorize what the streamer has in store.

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Source: Knight Edge Media

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