Acclaimed horror film is coming to Netflix, and you probably haven’t seen it


Netflix recently unveiled all of the new content coming to the streaming service in June, and an acclaimed horror film will be released next month that many moviegoers probably haven’t seen. On June 1, Netflix subscribers will be able to stream Wind, a 2018 horror film set in the Old West. The film follows two young couples who have moved to a sparsely populated area of ​​New Mexico, but very strange things soon start to happen, causing tension between the four friends who live in the remote fields of the West.

Wind stars Caitlin Gerard and Ashley Zukerman as Elizabeth and Isaac Macklin; and Julia Goldani Telles and Dylan McTee as Emma and Gideon Harper. Additionally, Martin Patterson and Miles Anderson star, with Anderson playing The Reverend, a character who may or may not add to the seemingly posed supernatural threat. Wind was directed by Emma Tammi, from a screenplay by Teresa Sutherland, and premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2018. It was critically acclaimed. 81% fees on Rotten tomatoes.

In 2019, Tammi sat down with Morgue street to talk about the film and explain how the project was born. “It was brought to me, and then I had the opportunity to work on it a bit with writer Teresa Sutherland; we did a few passages together,” she said. “I was really drawn to the story, its writing style and the characters, which were so well developed.”

Tammi then shared some of the inspiration behind the film. “On top of that, she had been inspired by actual historical accounts of women from that era, and one of the books she had used as her primary source of inspiration and research was one I had read at adolescence, ”she explained. “I was already so interested in this period and this experience she had drawn from.

Another reason Tammi “was so enamored with this script was that it felt relevant, but he wasn’t trying to be; it wasn’t in a bossy way.” She went on to say, “It sounded like a very relatable human story. The character of Lizzy, and really all the characters in the movie, embody so many different things. We feel sympathy for her, sometimes we feel anger for her. her, we question her. “

Tammi continued, “She crosses all ranges of emotions, and such a complicated lead character is, for me as a filmmaker, something that I’m very interested in portraying. That’s why it felt so relevant to me, but not because he was trying to do it. embody contemporary themes. I think it was only natural that it was done, for it tapped into something in the very heart of the human being. “


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