8 Things To Know About VE Schwab’s Upcoming Netflix Show “First Kill”


Netflix has been on a roll with releasing new content lately. One of the new shows joining the Netflix family on June 10 is First murder. The show is based on a short story of the same name, written by VE Schwab.

The show is about a vampire and a vampire hunter and how their lives intertwine. Schwab has only produced books so far, but she is slowly becoming famous in the world of books and digital media. With her being new, that’s all there is to know about First murder.

A New Look at Vampires

Netflix's First Murder Poster

Vampires have been a popular subject in movies over the years. From the stereotypical vampires who can’t be in the sun and are repelled by garlic and silver to the more modern vampires who live among humans and glisten in the sun, the story has been hundreds, if not thousands, of times. In “First Kill” by VE Schwab, there is a slightly new version of the usual story.


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From the recently released advertisement, it is known that a vampire hunter and a vampire eventually meet and fall in love. The two girls seem to oppose their family’s wish to be together. However, when it comes time to choose, Calliope says she chooses family. Schwab’s books are known for having some romance, but their content is more about big fight scenes and powerful superhuman moments.

The first of many

First murder will be Schwab’s first television show that she helped produce. She has many popular book series, such as shades of magic series and The monsters of truth series, but only now has she entered the world of cinema. While First murder will be her first story adapted into a television series, she promises that there will be more to come.

Schwab’s fans have been begging for a series, whether on TV or in movies, on several of his books, but especially the shades of magic series. Many of his series are primarily in the fantasy genre, with a bit of sci-fi. She would surely join IMDb’s top fantasy movies list, whenever she started releasing movies based on her books. She often posts a lineup of must-read series based on popular shows. It’s a great way to understand how to get started in your job.

Diversity and Inclusion

First Kill fight scene

Vampire stories tend not to have a very diverse cast. Since vampires are often portrayed as incredibly pale in stories, this doesn’t allow for much diversity. Schwab made sure to circumvent this and included a diverse cast in more ways than one.

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Not only does the cast include many people of color, but the script itself covers two girls who fall in love. Fans familiar with Schwab’s books know that she’s no stranger to LGBTQ+ family inclusion in her books, so bringing her to life on her first show is no surprise.

Felicia D. Henderson

double photo of VE Schwab and Felicia D. Henderson

The cast and crew of First murder is filled with many popular names, as well as new names. One name worth noting is the showrunner, who is Felicia D. Henderson. She is not only the showrunner but also one of the executive producers and head writer of the show.

However, this is not his first rodeo. Henderson has worked on many other popular shows like Gossip Girl, Empire, and The Punisher. Although it didn’t get much traction at first, there’s a lot about The Punisher that fans may not know about. Working on other big-name shows not only gave him a top-notch report, but gave him plenty of experience to work on unique shows that gave him the ability to bring Schwab’s dream to life.

A new look at a popular story

The vampire story and the forbidden love story have been countless times Romeo and Juliet for Dusk. There are many common vampire tropes in a particular pop culture, but they both have many clichés that fit into their usual storylines. Schwab tends to stray from typical clichés. Like all stories, there are of course a few parts of her stories that align with other classic stories, but for the most part she’s good at coming up with original content.

If that seems to be getting too cliche, she’s good at adding a major twist or changing things up to keep readers on their toy. This helps to make it promising that First murder will be Forbidden Love, a vampire story that fans have never seen before.

Schwab’s color scheme kills

Red color scheme for the first schwab kill

Throughout the majority of Schwab’s books, she has maintained a consistent color palette making each of her books easily recognizable. With a black, red and white color scheme, she kept things simple yet powerful. Many of his characters can be simple yet pack a punch, and his colors can do just that.

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Through posters and advertising for First murder, red, black and white color combinations are visible. While red has the potential to be sticky as it is associated with blood, it doesn’t seem to go that way yet in anything seen for the show. Schwab also has impeccable taste and wouldn’t allow his story to be ruined like that.

Consistency with history

The book Vampires never get old

It’s not uncommon for books turned into movies or shows to lose some of the best parts. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but it’s usually what makes fans nervous when they see their favorite book turned into a digital masterpiece. Although First murder was just a short story, there’s still room for bits to omit. It’s promising for the show not to be like The Vampire Diarieswho often copied other vampire shows.

With Schwab on the film crew, one can almost guarantee that the show will align and continue the story in a way that aligns with what was in Vampires never get old. Although there is only one season at the moment, and there is no talk of a second season yet, with Schwab in the mix, the story she told will certainly not be lost. .

Schwab is a force to be reckoned with

Profile picture of VE Schwab

Schwab has over twenty books written and many more on the way. While she’s just finding her way in the world of TV and movies, there’s more on the way too. She balances a lot of things at once, but as she enters the world of film, there’s a lot to look forward to.

She teased the creation of a shades of magic series for a while, and after the release of The Unseen Life of Addie LaRue, which is one of her standalone books, fans were thrilled when she announced she would be producing a movie. Schwab is stepping into the world of fantasy cinema, and she’s the one to watch as her movies and shows are bound to hold the high-quality content that her books provide.

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