7 shows like Who Killed Sara? to watch after the Netflix series


Who killed Sara? created the perfect balance between a nerve-wracking mystery and good old-fashioned family drama. This Mexican success with Manolo Cardona and Carolina miranda centers around Alex Guzman (Cardona), as he seeks revenge for his sister’s death after being framed by the Lazcanos. As the episodes unfold, it becomes clear that finding the killer is far more complicated than Alex ever imagined. Who killed Sara? remained in Netflix’s Top 10 for consecutive weeks when it debuted earlier this year, and now that Season 2 has arrived, we’ve got a few recommendations to stream after you’ve finished your Frenzy Watch.

From connecting the dots behind Sara’s murder to identifying Lazcano’s score as the worst of the bunch, this show will likely leave a void once it’s over. Still, if you’re looking for an excessive binge, there are a few recommendations that fit your profile. Here are seven shows like Who killed Sara? the opportunity to explore a little more the Spanish-speaking horizons or to return to the classic “who killed who” assassinates the mystery.

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The innocent

the innocent

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Alex Guzman had to pay the price for a murder he didn’t commit, but what if you paid the price for accidentally killing someone in a fight? In The innocent, Mateo Vidal (Casas Mario) didn’t expect a simple hangout at the club to have life-changing consequences. After spending four years in prison, Mateo has another chance to lead a normal life as a lawyer in his brother’s office. Just when everything seems to be back on track, Mateo finds himself trapped in a new murder case, in which he becomes the prime suspect. This mini-series, inspired by the bestseller Harlan coben thriller, is short and sweet – perfect for someone looking for an unpredictable storyline and straightforward investigation.

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There are many innocent people who find themselves in a compromising situation because of a rich and powerful family. In Revenge, for example, David Clarke (James tupper) is convicted of a terrorist attack in which he was not even involved. His daughter Amanda Clarke, played by Emily VanCamp, decides to take the matter in hand, adopting a new identity in his quest for revenge. When she returns to the Hamptons at her old estate, everyone knows her as Emily Thorne, a young woman with a mysterious past. As Amanda draws closer to the powerful Grayson family, who mentored her father all these years ago, she tries to uncover their darkest secrets and give them a suitable reward.

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Elite is the perfect match for someone looking for a suspenseful investigation and risky teen drama. When three students (played by Miguel Herran, Itzan Escamilla, and Mina El Hammani) from disadvantaged backgrounds receive a scholarship to study at a prestigious elite school in Spain called Las Encinas, they immediately spot the contrasting realities between themselves and their peers. Yet the death of a classmate makes the social class barrier less apparent when all the students have something to hide. Elite possesses Gossip Girl’s glamor, Euphoriathe reader, and Pretty little Liarsintensity.

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Money heist


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If you thought that Who killed Sara? was unpredictable, so you probably didn’t see Money heist. This Spanish series challenges all your past knowledge of onscreen bank robberies and promises to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout its 4 seasons. A group of eight outlaws is led by the professor (Álvaro Morte) as they invade the Royal Mint of Spain in red coveralls and Dali masks. Their only goal is to orchestrate the biggest heist ever and stay one step ahead of the police. This series has so many unexpected twists and turns that it’s no wonder the series is written from episode to episode during filming.

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Ok, ok, let’s tone down the mysterious tales a bit and get back to the powerful family dynamic. In this acclaimed and award-winning HBO drama, the Roy family are responsible for the world’s leading entertainment media company. Everything looks fine, until Patriarch Logan Roy (Brian cox) decides to step down from his role, and the competition becomes real when each member of the family wants to be next. With a stellar cast, Succession has a clever storyline that instantly draws you into the world of corruption, lies and sarcasm that surrounds the Roy family. Despite the parallels between the questionable behavior of the Roys and the Lazcanos, on this show even the most loathsome character seems intriguing.

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Now is the time for another Netflix original to pick up that list. Like Amanda Clarke in Revenge, Assane Diop (played by Omar Sy) is on a mission to fight back against a wealthy family who put their innocent father behind bars. Inspired by the literary character Arsène Lupine, Assane is the “Gentleman Burglar” who uses his talents as a thief to uncover the crimes behind Hubert Pellegrini (Herve Pierre), the man responsible for the tragic conviction of his father. The show was released in early 2021, hitting a record number of viewers for Netflix. Due to its popularity, Lupine will release its next season next month, so there’s plenty of time to catch up with a frenzied watch.

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From one Mexican soap opera to another. Monarca is the Mexican version of Succession, in the sense that he focuses on a family empire that needs a successor to run his famous tequila business. Ana Maria (Irene Azuela) is back, having left Mexico 20 years ago. She is summoned by her father Fausto Carranza (David Rencoret) to clean up the name of Monarca, which is now associated with many scandals, violence and fraud. Once Fausto passes away, the power conflict begins when Ana María and her brothers Andres (Osvaldo Benavides) and Joaquin (Juan Manuel Bernal) must prove that they are worthy of the vacant position.

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