7 fun movies to watch on Netflix after Chicken Run


Fuga Das Galinhas was a huge hit on Netflix precisely because it’s such a fun and entertaining movie, and while it’s an animation, it’s definitely a production for all audiences.

Sure, we often want deep introductions that push us forward and give us thoughts, but it’s also great to sit on the couch with the family and watch a movie to relax.

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So, for those of you who just want a good laugh and uncompromising fun, we’ve separated 7 fun movies from the Netflix catalog that you can watch after Chicken Run.

See the list:

The Mitchell Family and the Unraising of the Machines is the story of a family who goes on vacation, but is interrupted by a robot uprising and must now save humanity.

The animation belongs to the same creators of Spider-Man in Spider-Man. The production has a good storyline, lots of action and comedy, and is already nominated as an Oscar favorite in 2022.

Bad Trip is about two friends who take a long trip across the United States, doing nonsense with a hidden camera. The movie is simple, but its ideas are executed very well and will have you laughing from start to finish.

Down the Drain tells the story of a high society rat swept away by an ordinary mouse. It’s a very fun animation, perfect for watching with the whole family. It’s the perfect kind of movie to smile and relax.

Eurovision Song Contest: The Sigrit and Lars Saga tells the story of two singers who dream of attending the biggest concert in the world, but the intrigue and stage problems imposed by their rivals lead to a disagreement in the relationship between the two.

The film has a mix of comedy and music, and surprisingly, the music for the film is very well done. Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams were on an acting show, and the play is a lot of fun from start to finish.

Bean Seam Floresta tells the story of a group of animals who, after waking up from a long winter sleep, discover the existence of humans and are completely terrified.

The animation is beautiful, the features are very different, the story is simple but very well executed, and it’s definitely a great choice to watch with the whole family.

Superbad Today is the story of three friends who want to lose their virginity before entering college, and who try to impress the girls of their choice on the last night of high school.

The premise seems cliché, but the film is sensational and unique, besides being hilarious, it has some touching moments. Years have passed, but Superbad is still one of the best comedies of recent times.

It’s raining a hamburger

It’s Raining Hamburger tells the story of an inventor who can literally rain a burger, but things get out of hand. The animated storyline is very clever and has some really fun moments, and it’s definitely a movie for all audiences.

Chicken Run is available on Netflix.


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