5 YA Books That Should Have a TV Show


Since the boom in young adult novels that began in the 2010s, any YA book that becomes even a little popular is immediately turned into a screen adaptation. It makes sense; most YA books are meant to keep the reader engaged and have very cinematic stories, especially those that lean more towards sci-fi and fantasy, making them perfect for the screen. The hunger Games and Divergent are some of the most well-known examples, and there have been countless others that have been well received by fans (such as the recent shadow and bone series on Netflix) or fell apart and flew completely under the radar (or, as Divergent, couldn’t even finish the movie series). Fans can turn on an adaptation very quickly if it doesn’t live up to its source material or if too much of it is changed.


One of the most infamous examples is the Percy Jackson movies. Much of what made the books great has been changed, and it has resulted in two movies that are disappointing at best and just plain bad at worst. However, Disney Plus has just given the green light to a Percy Jackson TV series, which give series a chance at redemption with their screen adaptations, especially now that writer Rick Riordan is directly involved in the writing process. Turning the series into a TV show gives the story more room to explore the characters and go into intricate detail. In fact, turning popular book series into TV shows rather than movies is probably the best way to go. So that begs the question: what other YA books would work well as a TV show?

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the selection series

The selection is a book series about a dystopian North America where 35 girls are chosen to compete for the hand of Prince Maxon and leave their lives behind, which is especially appealing to those who come from the lower castes of society. It’s basically The single personbut with princes, castles and robes instead of a bunch of future social media influencers living in a poorly decorated mansion in California.

That’s what makes it perfect for a TV adaptation, as it could be structured like a season of The single person, with contestants slowly returning home each episode, and audiences seeing the competition through the eyes of protagonist America Singer. A film adaptation of this series has been in the works for years, but it’s still in development and since there hasn’t been much news about it, things don’t look promising. A movie seems the wrong way to go for this series anyway; since the story is based on the style of dating shows like The single personit makes sense to have it structured as one of those reality TV shows.

falling kingdoms

YA screen adaptations are rather lacking in the fantasy department. This series would be the perfect one to adapt to the screen as it is often cinematic and would work very well in a long-form episodic format as the series itself is longer. There’s magic, there’s violence (which can even be a bit graphic at times but would lead to some great shocking moments on screen), and there’s plenty of romance and character pushing. against walls with blades at their throats – and who doesn’t love this trope?

It would be easy to call it “baby game of thrones” or something like that, even if it’s a little tamer than that, but it would be so fun to have a great fantasy series that is aimed specifically at teenagers. The world of Mytica has a lot of lore and characters interesting to explore, and while it’s not a super popular series, it would still make a fantastic TV show.

glass throne

Speaking of teenage fantasy novels, it’s kind of crazy that the incredibly popular throne of glass series by Sarah J. Maas has not yet received a screen adaptation. The series has its flaws, especially in the later books, but it’s been such a hit among YA fans for years that it would make so much sense to turn it into a TV show. Like Falling Kingdomsit would be a fantastic show aimed at teenagers, and there are a lot of complex characters that would be interesting to explore over many episodes.

One of the criticisms of the show is that it sort of changes direction as the books progress and becomes very divorced from what the show started. While that’s a little jarring in a book series, it would make more sense in a TV show because each season might feel a little different, and maybe they could make the transition a little smoother with a few tweaks. of writing in an adaptation. Again, there have been talks about turning this series into a TV show on Hulu, but there hasn’t been any concrete news for a while.

gallagher girls

Nothing seems like more perfect television material than a story about a spy boarding school for girls, does it? The Gallagher Girls Ally Carter’s series seems to translate perfectly to a Netflix teen series, mainly because shows about schools, especially boarding schools, seem to be popular. After all, the idea of ​​a boarding school that isn’t just a normal school, but teaches teenage girls how to become international spies is something a TV series could have a lot of potential for. So many current shows about high schoolers are really dark and edgy (think Euphoria), and it would be nice to have one that was a little lighter and more fun. This series is one of the most underrated in the YA genre, but it could become an instant hit if given the chance.

we chase the flame

We chase the flame (and its sequel We free the stars) by Hafsah Faizal is one of the newest YA sensations after exploding on BookTok (the side of TikTok populated by avid readers), and it’s garnered plenty of well-deserved praise. This series’ world-building and magic system is dynamic and lush, and the characters are incredibly compelling. This is another series that would create a fantastic fantasy world and feel especially fresh because the world draws inspiration from ancient Arabia, rather than the typical medieval European aesthetic.

Rather than an ongoing series with a slew of seasons, this one might work better as a limited series, given that there are only two books in the series (although of course Arawiya’s World is complex enough that the show could probably expand beyond the books if it wanted to). There’s a lot of interesting tension between the characters and a lot of intricate lore and magic that would be so cool to see translated to the screen. The rights to the series were pulled for a screen adaptation last year, but again there hasn’t been much news on progress or if it’s still happening or not, although this would be such a missed opportunity not to take advantage of it. story.

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