3 PlayStation Games That Turned Into Movies/TV Shows (And 3 That Should Be Adapted Next)


sony and PlayStation have been desperately trying to turn their beloved characters and stories into massive movie franchises for quite some time with little success. Their attempt to bring Ratchet & Clank on the big screen was heavily criticized by just about everyone for its lack of consistency and was a massive box office bomb. It all but shut down an already troubled production of an animated film Sly Cooper movie. I probably don’t even remember the direct-to-video adaptation of A heavenly sword in 2014 and for good reason.

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However, with PlayStation franchises now featuring richer, cinematic-quality stories and a new studio, PlayStation Productions, developed specifically to produce video game adaptations, Sony and PlayStation have a better chance of success. Their first effort, the next Unexploredwas not without production problems, but it’s promising. Upcoming shows and movies based on some of PlayStation’s most popular games have some fans wondering what other titles might get the same treatment.

In the books: The last of us


Given the resounding success of The naughty dogit is The last of us games, it’s no wonder PlayStation Productions is going all out on the upcoming TV adaptation set to debut on HBO Later this year. It’s no secret that the tales of the the zombie apocalypse is obsessed with daddiesand it’s one of the best father-child bonding stories ever.

Casting announcement Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey as Joel and Ellie, respectively, had fans screaming with excitement and the first season would cover the event of the first game after Joel and Ellie’s journey through a dangerous post-apocalyptic world. The last of us is easily one of HBO’s biggest upcoming series of the year and could be that massive hit that Sony and PlayStation have been looking for.


Should be in progress: Sly Cooper

Sly Cooper

Of course, Sony and PlayStation have tried in the past to make a Sly Cooper movie has come and gone, but with PlayStation Productions now booming, why not take the opportunity to try again?

Whether it’s a movie or a TV series, Sly Cooper and his band of thieves have the perfect kind of energy and lingering story surrounding the titular raccoon thief who tries to be at the living up to his family’s legacy to be a fun and memorable ride. The characters are filled with endless charm and Sly’s antics easily provide big chills.

In the books: Ghost of Tsushima


A little after Sucker Punchthe massive success of 2020 Ghost of Tsushima took the world by storm, a film adaptation was announced in the works with John Wick director Chad Stahelski direct the film.

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the Ghost of Tsushima the film isn’t that deep in production, but certainly has the potential to deliver a visually stunning modern samurai story. The actors in the game resemble their characters enough to reprise their roles. With Stahelski directing, fans can expect some incredible action.

Should be in progress: concrete engineering

pjimage (98)

Although pixelopusconcrete engineering is far from an incredibly well-known PlayStation title, its story of a young boy named Ash escaping the bullies around him with the help of magical creatures he can draw has plenty of adaptation potential.

The sheer potential of the eye-catching visuals of Ash’s drawn friends and their environments along with the heartwarming emotion of Ash’s story would make a concrete engineering movie or show worthy of interest. It could attract a large audience and has a dedicated fan base that would love to see it come to life.

Picture via Sony

Conversations on a twisted metal the ongoing show had seemed like pure fantasy until there was confirmation last year that a TV series was in production with some notable names attached.

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dead Pool writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese are currently attached as producers and another report from last year said that Anthony Macky is set to play the role of a character named John Doe. From what we’ve heard, which is very little, it sounds like twisted metal could give it its own twist death racewhich would be great.

Should be (and somehow) in the works: Jack and Daxter

jack and daxter

Whatever Jack and Daxter related would appeal to very vocal fans who would like to see the dynamic duo return in any form at this point and recent interest could point to a film adaptation.

As Unexplored is about to be released, both director Ruben Fleischer and actor Tom Holland have expressed their own interest in seeing a Jack and Daxter the movie comes to life. Holland shared his potential as an A24 movie and Fleischer recently said he had potentially started work on a Jack and Daxter movie. Perhaps their visions could coalesce to create an epic adaptation.

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