17 Moments From TV Shows That Are Hotter Than The Sex Scenes


Any scene with Rio and Beth good girls…phew!

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about TV show moments that were much hotter than actual sex scenes. Here are their hottest responses:


When Anthony told Kate she was the bane of his existence and the object of his desires in Bridgerton.


“Well written, great actors with amazing chemistry. Perfection!”



When soulless Sam Winchester was training in season 6 of Supernatural.


When Fleabag was in the confessional and asked Hot Priest to tell him what to do with his life on Flea bag.

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“No questions, no finalists.”



When Damon approached Elena by the lockers and told her everything he wanted to do to her by The Vampire Diaries.


And also when Damon and Elena danced at the ball The Vampire Diaries.

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“At prom, Damon is down the stairs instead of Stefan, and when he and Elena are dancing, they barely touch, but still so much chemistry!!!”



When Kala watched Wolfgang play football in Meaning8.


“The actors have such chemistry in every scene they’re in!”



The scene of 20 questions between Beth and Rio on Good girls.


“The tension is so wild. I get butterflies every time I watch it.”



When Danny did this dance routine for Mindy as her Secret Santa gift on The Mindy Project.

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“I know Danny Castellano is divisive because he started out as a romantic enemy turned lover but ended up being a sexist, gender-role-loving baby-man, but that dance was back in the good years. Mindy was just Sitting there with her jaw dropped and confident, she wasn’t the only one You all know a man who can dance has something to work with.



When Jess and Nick had their first kiss New girl.

20th century fox

“I’m going to watch this whole episode just to understand THIS scene. Ugh, SO HOT.”



When Simon and Daphne’s fingers touched Bridgerton.


“I love that moment in the show. Their sex scenes were too much, but when they touched their fingers, I was like, ‘Damn, I hardly want to hold a man’s hand like that.'”



When Fitz asked Olivia to stand together in the hallway for a minute Scandal.


When Hannah jumped in the shower with Caleb so his mom wouldn’t catch him secretly living in their house on Pretty little Liars.

free form

“They are not having sex but this is the start of their budding sexual tension.”



When Villanelle held Eve at knifepoint in Kill Eve.


When Dee and Charlie kissed The weather is always nice in Philadelphia.


“It’s a bit more PG-13 than PG, but OMG.”



When Mulder taught Scully how to play baseball on the X Files.


“This is my favorite scene in the 200+ episodes of the show!”



When Chester and Nathan kissed Gender+ion piss off Nathan’s mother.


“My jaw dropped during this scene. There was so much passion (and tongue) and I wasn’t ready! This was definitely one of the hottest TV kisses I’ve ever seen.”

—Ajani Bazile

This YouTube clip isn’t available as an embed, but you can watch the hot moment here.


And finally, when Santana and Sebastian sang “Smooth Criminal” as a vocal battle on Joy.


“Santana and Sebastian were both gay, but this scene had more chemistry and sexual tension than anything else for the rest of the series.”


“My God, this scene is just…”


What are some other super hot moments from TV shows that don’t contain sex? Let us know in the comments.


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