11 new movies and shows to watch this weekend on Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max and more


Want to know what to watch this weekend? No April Fool’s Day here – there are loads of new movies and shows to watch on Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Hulu and other streaming services. It’s a real binge-palooza here.

At the top of the weekend slate is Moon Knight, the latest Marvel Disney Plus series. Oscar Isaac stars as the titular hero, who must contend with multiple personalities struggling for control of his body. For more April Fool’s Day vibes, check out Judd Apatow’s comedy The Bubble, which traps the cast and crew of an action movie in a pandemic-induced quarantine during production.

New series debuting include true crime drama The Girl From Plainville, a biographical miniseries about beloved food personality Julia Child, and Apple TV Plus thriller Slow Horses starring Gary Oldman as a spy. failed.

If you’re into space, you can either go down the path of romantic comedy with Moonshot or animated nostalgia with Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood.

Here’s our guide to what to watch this weekend.

Moon Knight (Disney Plus)

Marvel is getting weirder and weirder – and I like that. Moon Knight is the first MCU Disney Plus series to introduce an all-new main character. Oscar Isaac gives a masterful performance as several distinct versions of the same person. We first meet him as Steven Grant, a shy and nervous museum employee, but later discover that he has dissociative identity disorder. His other main personality is Marc Spector, a badass mercenary and the avatar of Egyptian Khonshu.

Steven’s utter bewilderment mirrors that of the viewer, as we all slowly realize he has another identity, one that gives him superhuman abilities. His discoveries (and ours) are a thrilling and truly unexpected adventure. Who is he, really? What’s going on? I don’t know – and it’s exhilarating. As my colleague Henry T. Casey wrote in his Moon Knight Reviews, the show is “unique, intense and utterly captivating”. It’s also the best Marvel show yet.

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The Bubble (Netflix)

For his latest directorial effort, Judd Apatow is moving away from the more personal storytelling of 2020’s The King of Staten Island and returning to star-studded ensemble comedy in the vein of The 40-Year-Old Virgin, This Is 40 and Trainwreck. One thing that hasn’t changed is his use of family members, and The Bubble features his frequent collaborator and wife Leslie Mann and daughter Iris Apatow.

The meta movie goes behind the scenes of the making of Cliff Beasts 6, a dinosaur-themed mega-blockbuster franchise. The production takes place during the COVID-19 pandemic, so the cast and crew must quarantine together in a hotel bubble. Since this is an Apatow movie, it’s safe to assume that some goofy hijinks ensue.

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Plainville’s Girl (Hulu)

True crime drama is already a massive genre and only growing by the day as more and more scripted adaptations and unscripted documentaries explore real-life murders, con and other transgressions. The Girl From Plainville tells the story of Michelle Carter, who was convicted in 2017 of manslaughter for pushing her boyfriend Connor Roy III to commit suicide.

Elle Fanning, so great in The Great, portrays Michelle as an insecure, sometimes socially awkward teenager. Flashbacks reveal how she and Connor reunite, as well as her struggles with depression. After his death, she comes across as gentle and sympathetic in her grief. But soon, the police begin to investigate their text exchanges and discover a much darker side to Michelle than anyone might have suspected.

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Julia (HBO Max)

Julia Child is such a warm and delightful subject, it’s no wonder she pioneered cooking shows, inspired legions of followers, and was played by her fellow icon. Meryl Streep in the movie Julie & Julia. In the HBO Max miniseries, Happy Valley star Sarah Lancashire does the honors, focusing on Child’s transition from cookbook author to TV personality.

Each episode focuses on Child filming a specific episode of The French Chef, her public access show, as well as the challenges she faced in her personal life. The most difficult is the onset of menopause, which closes the door to having children with her husband, Paul (David Hyde Pierce). Nonetheless, she persisted and became something of a mother to a generation of viewers, providing wisdom, humor and comfort.

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Slow Horses (Apple TV Plus)

Gary Oldman stars in a dark comedy/thriller that could aptly be called Tinker Tailor Soldier Failed Spy. Son Jackson Lamb is an intelligence officer who’s “gone to seed” — washed out, broken down, past his prime. He oversees Slough House, an administrative purgatory filled with other disgraced agents.

The newest “slow horse” is MI5 agent River Cartwright (Jack Lowden), who is exiled for botching an operation. He joins the ranks of paper pushers who try to ignore their lack of perspective and Lamb’s acid jokes. Suddenly, a hostage crisis brings them all back to active duty, much to the chagrin of MI5’s top brass.

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Moonshot (HBO Max)

Space: the last frontier for a cute encounter. Moonshot is a sci-fi romantic comedy, two genres that are not frequently mixed. Like many other romantic comedies before it, the plot of the film basically boils down to “enemies become lovers”.

A barista named Will (Cole Sprouse) sneaks into a shuttle bound for his dream destination, the colony on Mars. Also on board is Sophie (Lana Condor), a brilliant and stuck-up perfectionist. Somehow, the laid-back, awkward Will manages to convince Sophie to pretend he’s her boyfriend for the month-long trip. It’s a love story written in the stars.

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The Outlaws (Prime Video)

The BBC comedy thriller comes from the ingenious mind of Stephen Merchant (The Office, Extras, Hello Ladies, Fighting With My Family). Merchant stars in his series, as does Christopher Walken and a host of talented British actors.

The Outlaws follows seven strangers who are forced to work together to complete a court-ordered community service project in Bristol. As they clean up an abandoned recreation center, they start hooking up – until the discovery of a gym bag full of cash throws everything into chaos and makes them the target of a dangerous gang. .

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Apollo 10 1/2: A Childhood in the Space Age (Netflix)

Richard Linklater returns to animation for the first time since 2006’s A Scanner Darkly with this whimsical, utterly nostalgic revisionist take on the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing. No, Linklater’s story isn’t trying to say that it never happened; rather, it was a fourth-grade student named Stan who first landed on the moon.

Grown-up Stan (voiced by Jack Black) reflects on his childhood and the circumstances that led to his space adventure. Young Stan (Milo Coy) is the youngest of six children living with their parents in suburban Houston. His father works at NASA, but nobody knows that Stan was recruited to fly a rocket to the moon. A small step, indeed.

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Best Nate Ever (Disney Plus)

This love letter to Broadway musicals comes in the form of a coming-of-age story that weaves together LGBTQ themes. Pittsburgh teenager Nate Foster (Rueby Wood) loves musicals, an interest his father and older brother can’t fathom. He dreams of seeing his name on a marquee, but experiences despair when he is passed over as the leader of his school’s stage show.

When best friend Libby (Aria Brooks) informs him that a production of Lilo & Stitch is holding open auditions, Nate decides to give it a shot. They sneak into New York, but an unexpected encounter with her Aunt Heidi (Lisa Kudrow) threatens to derail all their plans.

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How We Roll (CBS)

Pour one for Pete Holmes Crashing’s canceled HBO show, and pour a new drink for the comedian to bounce back with a new sitcom. How We Roll is based on the life of professional bowler Tom Smallwood. When Tom is laid off from the car factory, his wife Jen (Katie Lowes) encourages him to turn to something completely different: professional bowling. Wouldn’t you know? He’s pretty good at it!

Holmes has built a successful career on his youthful pastor shtick, which consists of pleasant demeanor and non-threatening, yet still funny jokes. You can’t help but support such a modest guy. How We Roll might not knock you over with cutting-edge humor, but it’s the kind of feel-good show that serves as heartwarming television.

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Airs Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. ET on CBS (via Fubo)

How to Survive a Pandemic (HBO)

Director David France is doing something of a sequel to his 2012 Oscar-nominated documentary How to Survive the Plague, which was about the early years of the AIDS epidemic. How to Survive a Pandemic chronicles, in real time, the global effort to develop and distribute vaccines against COVID-19.

In the first half of the film, Science Magazine reporter Jon Cohen conducts interviews with experts including Dr. Anthony Fauci, FDA researchers and regulators on the race to create and approve vaccines in states. -United. In the second half, Cohen traces the global evolution of vaccines. deployment (or lack thereof).

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