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In March 2021, Starz announced the cancellation of the well-received fantasy drama series American gods Shortly after its Season 3 finale. Based on Neil Gaiman’s famous novel, the series chronicles the epic clash between the old gods and the new gods as they fight for ultimate supremacy in a hidden realm.

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Much of the drama concerns Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane), a mysterious con artist who hides his true identity as the Norse god Odin, and his newly appointed bodyguard, Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle). With the show in the rear view, the main and supporting cast have lined up a slew of newsworthy upcoming projects.

ten American Horror Story: Double Feature (FX August 25, 2021) – Denis O’Hare

Tyr works on a patient in American Gods

Veteran film and television actor Denis O’Hare portrayed the almighty Norse deity Tyr in American gods. Going forward, O’Hare is set to breed on American Horror Story: Double functionality in September, marking his sixth appearance in the anthology series.

When it comes to the big screen, O’Hare has a few projects in various stages of production. One title includes the survival thriller Infinite storm, with Naomi Watts. O’Hare will also play the role of John Dewey Toole in Butterfly in the typewriter, a dramatic account of his son John Kennedy Toole’s handwriting A confederation of dunces. Neither film has a release date yet.

9 Ridley Jones (Netflix July 13, 2021) – Blythe Danner

Ridley and Friends at Ridley Jones

Longtime film and television actress Blythe Danner played Demeter in American gods Season 3, the Greek goddess of agriculture, harvest and fertility. In less than a month Danner’s voice can be heard on Netflix as Grandma Jones in the animated adventure series Ridley jones.

Created by Chris Nee, Ridley Jones (Iara Nemirovsky) follows the main character who, along with his closest friends, is committed to preserving the Natural Museum of History’s most valuable treasure maps. To do this, Ridley must keep the museum’s secret that attractions come to life after dark intact.

8 Twilight of the Gods (TBD) – Peter Stormare

Czernobog looks mean in American Gods

Ubiquitous character actor Peter Stormare never runs out of film or TV projects. After his notable turn as Czernobog on American gods, Stormare has at least eight different irons in the fire, including Zack Snyder’s highly anticipated Netflix original. twilight of the gods.

The mythology-inspired animated series will also star Pilou Asbaek, Jamie Chung, Corey Stoll, Jamie Clayton, Lauren Cohan, and more. While details are scarce, Stormare will be playing a character called Ulfr.

7 Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas (Netflix TBD) – Yetide Badaki

Bliquis holds an apple in American Gods

The next animated series derived from Zack Snyder, Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas, will be the star American gods actress Yetide Badaki as Queen Meeru. She will join moviegoers Tig Notaro, Dave Bautista, Ella Purnell, Omari Hardwick and Ana De La Reguera in the expected series.

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Badaki played Bilquis on American gods, a goddess of love often equated with the Queen of Sheba. As Queen Meeru in Lost Vegas, Badaki will witness the early stages of the Zombie Quarantine in Sin City.

6 The War of Tomorrow (Amazon July 2, 2021) – Betty Gilpin

Emmy and Dan chat in The Tomorrow War

Betty Gilpin added a layer of emotional depth in Season 1 of American gods like Audrey, Robbie’s wife and Laurie’s closest friend. This coming Independence Weekend, Gilpin can be seen in the star-studded cast of the Amazon Original sci-fi action movie. The war of tomorrow.

The film stars Chris Pratt as Dan Forester, a high school teacher with a woman named Emmy (Gilpin) and a girl named Muri (Ryan Kiera Armstrong) who helps lead a motley unit of civilians turned soldiers to thwart a Deadly alien incursion mounted 30 years into the future.

5 Halo (Paramount + 2022) – Pablo Schreiber

Pablo Schreiber shares Halo costume

In American gods, Pablo Schreiber plays Mad Sweeney, the hapless pixie who loses his luster under the aegis of Mr. Wednesday. In addition to the dramatic feature film Traces, Schreiber is set to headline the small screen adaptation of Halo in 2022.

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Schreiber will play the series’ familiar Master Chief Petty Officer 117 protagonist, which will focus on the epic battle between United Nations Space Command and an evil alien race called The Covenant Empire.

4 Slayers (TBD) – Ashley Reyes

Cordelia looks in American Gods

After his recurring passage on American gods As Mr Wednesday’s freelance assistant Cordelia, Ashley Ryes lined up a horror comedy that targets social media influencers.

With Abigail Breslin, Thomas Jane, Malin Akerman, Kara Hayward and Lydia Hearst, Killers follows a group of popular internet influencers who are summoned to play a mysterious game in a glitzy mansion. When the guests realize they’ve been drawn to a bloodthirsty vampire, they must rely on an old vampire slayer and once popular player to survive.

3 The Black Phone – (January 28, 2022) – Jeremy Davies

Jesus Prime arrives in American Gods

While veteran actor Jeremy Davies has had limited stint on American gods, his role of Jesus Prime carried more weight than most. In early 2022, Davies will join Ethan Hawke in horror film The black phone.

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Directed by Scott Derickson based on the short story by Joe Hill, The black phone concerns Finney Shaw (Mason Thames), a man kidnapped by a serial killer and held in his basement. Upon discovering an old phone that allows Finney to speak with the killer’s previous victims, he is able to mount a daring escape attempt.

2 The First Lady – (Showtime TBD) – Gillian Anderson

Margaret Thatcher visits the Queen in The Crown

After playing the Media Goddess in American gods, Gillian Anderson has become a mainstay of the hit Netflix series The crown. Later this year, Anderson is set to play Eleanor Roosevelt in the Showtime anthology series The first lady.

Created by Aaron Cooley, the show will highlight FLOTUS through several presidential administrations in the country’s history. Viola Davis will play Michelle Obama, Michelle Pfeiffer will play Betty Ford, and Anderson will launch the series as Roosevelt in the first three episodes.

1 Red Bird Lane (HBO Max TBD) – Crispin Glover

Mr. World smiles devilishly in American Gods

As Mr. World, leader of the New Gods, Crispin Glover delivered one of the most memorable performances on American gods. Later in 2021, Glover will star in David Slade’s new horror film Way of the red birds.

The plot follows eight strangers who reunite in a secluded abode, ignoring their relationships with each other. After discovering clues, the guests are mortified to learn of the horrors that await them. Susan Sarandon, Kiersey Clemons, Danny Huston and James Urbaniak co-star.

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