10 TV Shows That Made Actors Quit The Industry


Acting for sure is a tough racket, and certainly not for the weak in cold blood. Careers can be made and broken on the most ridiculous, out-of-control things, and even the most talented actor needs a fair amount of luck to reach the top – or anywhere near it.

It’s no surprise, then, that even those who appear on hit TV shows don’t always make a career as on-screen comedians, choosing instead to step back from the industry and find a greater growth elsewhere.

Usually there’s a particular experience or a specific job that pushes an actor away, and in the case of these 10 artists, it’s a specific TV show that made them realize it was time to go. .

These actors, many of whom are award-winning performers in some of the most popular comedy and drama shows in television history, have all shunned the prospect of a future in the industry to pursue other pursuits, whether ‘they act away from the screen or entirely different career.

In most cases, thankfully, it seems to have worked out for the best, no matter how risky it might have seemed at the time…

Angus T. Jones made a name for himself playing Jake Harper on the mega-popular sitcom Two and a Half Men, which earned him the title of TV’s highest-paid child star in 2010, where he commissioned 300 $000 per episode.

However, Jones decided to leave the show at the end of its tenth season in 2013, citing discomfort with the increasingly adult storylines he was being asked to portray and, in his own words, “[being] part of something that shed light on issues in our world where there really are issues for a lot of people.”

Around this time, Jones became a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, whose belief system conflicted with his role on the show, leading him to make a damning statement about the show on social media. in 2012 :

“If you’re watching Two And A Half Men, please stop watching. I’m in Two And A Half Men and I don’t want to be in it. Please stop watching. please stop filling your head with dirt.”

Jones later apologized to the show’s cast and crew, while reiterating that he doesn’t regret what he said. Consequently, Jones was absent from the final two seasons of Two and a Half Men, except for an appearance in the series finale.

Although Jones didn’t initially rule out further acting gigs, his only post-Men credit is a one-episode appearance on the comedy series Horace & Pete in 2016, after which he quit acting and is entered the multimedia and event production industry.

Jones spoke more fondly of Two and a Half Men in the years that followed, while taking a step back from organized religion, but it’s also clear that his time on the show gave Jones as much Hollywood as he did. he could handle.


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