10 TV Shows For Every TikTok Fashion Aesthetic


TikTok has drawn the attention of its fans to many new trends. There have been many trending dances and songs that have reached new heights through the app, and the same goes for fashion trends that have become mainstream among TikTokkers.

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Many popular new aesthetics, such as cottagecore and E-Girl, have been popularized on TikTok. There are also many other aesthetics that are revamped versions of classic trends, such as preppy, emo, and boho. While TikTok users are known for their quirky fashion choices, many TV shows have inspired the most popular TikTok aesthetic.


Cottagecore – Anne with an E

Anne with an E is one of the best period dramas that’s also packed with aesthetics that cottagecore fans will love, from long, flowing dresses to landscapes full of nature, flowers, and real country homes. There are plenty of picnics, cozy vibes, and even romance that cottagecore fans would expect.

Anne with an E follows a young orphan who has been adopted by a brother and sister in Prince Edward Island, Canada. It’s a coming-of-age story that follows her healing from past trauma using her creative imagination to cope, while making new friends and trying to stay out of trouble.

Dark Academia – A Discovery of Witches

A discovery of witches is perfect for fans of the dark college aesthetic due to its library and college, heavily academically invested characters, and huge focus on books. It’s also a darker show that focuses on witches and vampires, with moody cinematography throughout.

The show follows Diana Bishop, a witch who ignored her powers for years after accidentally summoning a magical manuscript from the Oxford library. After discovering the book, she attracts the attention of many other wizards, vampires and demons who seek the book’s knowledge and power.

Light Academia – The Great

Many fans of the light university aesthetic love the old-school vibes of the 1700s and 1800s. European architecture, Greek and Roman statues, and large, bright libraries are part of this aesthetic and all elements found in Great.

Great follows Catherine the Great as she arrives in Russia to marry Peter the Third. Even if all is not in Great is historically correct, it takes a satirical approach to the events that transpired, while touching on important topics like feminism and the treatment of women at that time.

E-Girl/E-Boy – Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

The E-Girl and E-Boy aesthetics are known for reminiscent of emo and early 2000s scene kids. They focus on darker clothing, colored hair, and edgy looks mixed with current trends. and splashes of color.

Harley Quinn in suicide squad undoubtedly served as inspiration for this aesthetic, with her two-tone hair color becoming common among E-Girls. Harley Quinn’s animated series is perfect for fans of that aesthetic, considering she herself could be considered an OG E-Girl.

Sweet Girl – Gossip Girl

Soft Girls are often girly and preppy, known for wearing mini skirts, checks, and often light colors. It’s a mix of schoolgirl and girly fashion, that’s why Gossip Girl is a perfect show for that aesthetic.

Gossip Girl the outfits were ahead of their time, with many looks that could easily be replicated today. His characters were known for having unique styles that inspired many aesthetics. Blair Waldorf’s style was preppy, girly and elegant with lots of sweet girly elements in her wardrobe. She was known for accessorizing her school uniform and wearing preppy accessories like headbands and plaids.

Y2K – Sex and the City

sex and the city started in the late 90s and continued into the early 2000s, making it a perfect example of Y2K fashion. There’s no denying that the series had a huge influence on fashion during this era, as the characters were known for their stunning outfits.

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The series follows Carrie Bradshaw as she writes a newspaper column in New York City about herself and the lifestyle of her friends living in the city. This show follows the group as they face difficult love lives and personal issues, while maintaining their friendship.

VSCO Girl – Gilmore Girls

Jess and Rory smile at each other outside in New York on Gilmore Girls

VSCO girls’ fashion style is often comfortable and appropriate for travel. They love photography, cinema and beautiful landscapes. They are known for wearing comfy hoodies, t-shirts, and sneakers. The characters on Gilmore Girls are also known to wear comfortable clothes.

Gilmore Girls follows a mother and daughter as the two deal with love, family drama, and growing up in one of fiction’s coziest teen towns. This show is one of the VSCO girls that would definitely identify with, for its warm vibes, aesthetic settings, and movie-obsessed characters.

Wicked – Euphoria

Baddie fashion can be described in many different ways, but it’s mostly clothes that are fashionable, bold and often accentuate curves. Euphoria fits that aesthetic perfectly for its cast of characters who almost all match the aesthetic of the villains.

Euphoria follows Rue, a high school student with a drug problem, and other students around her in high school as they deal with romance, money, and drugs. Each main character on Euphoria has a unique sense of fashion, and many fans recognize the fact that they dress too much for high schoolers.

Witchcore – Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is perfect for lovers of witchcore aesthetics due to its dark atmosphere. There are also characters with iconic wizard fashion, wearing dark colors, unique jewelry, and mysterious looks.

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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina follows Sabrina, who is half witch and half mortal, and must decide if she wants to leave her mortal life to join her clan or lose her powers and become completely mortal.

Artsy – Never Have I Ever

I have never

Artistic fashion consists of bold clothing, often colorful with unique patterns. They often wear striped sweaters, denim jeans, overalls and colorful socks. Many characters on I have never wear outfits that look artistic, with lots of striped tops, fun prints and colorful clothes.

The show follows Devi, a first-generation Indian girl at an American high school who wants to fit in with other students while dealing with strict parents. As she rises to popularity, she finds herself in a love triangle and her life begins to change.

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