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Starz starring Oscar-winning actors Julia Roberts and Sean Penn, Starz’s new political drama Gas lighting has received rave reviews since its debut on April 24, 2022. The series traces the major impact that Martha Mitchell and her husband John Mitchell had during the highly publicized Watergate scandal of the 1970s and the political fallout to which the Nixon administration was subsequently confronted.

Beyond the two talented actors, the show is bolstered by a terrific supporting cast that’s full of familiar faces that have graced the big and small screen quite often in the recent past. From popular cable TV series and beloved streamers to superhero movies and Oscar winners, the cast of Gas lighting is everywhere.


Julia Roberts – pretty woman

Viv listens to a walkman in a bubble bath in Pretty Woman

In gas lit, Julia Roberts plays Martha, the wife of U.S. Attorney General John Mitchell (Penn), who speaks out against government corruption. Although she won an Oscar for her breakthrough turn a decade later as an eminently citable Erin BrockovitchJulia Roberts will always be synonymous with A pretty woman, a crowd-pleasing story about true love from rags to riches.

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Director Gary Marshall’s starring romantic comedy has grossed more than $460 million worldwide (according to Box Office Mojo) and solidified Roberts’ status as a top movie star with legitimate acting talents. While Roberts would become known for her romantic comedies, she recently made her first foray into television with Back home in 2018.

Sean Penn – Mystic River

Jimmy is restrained by the police in Mystic River

One of the finest actors of his generation, two-time Oscar winner Sean Penn should be recognized for some of the best movies ever made. walking dead man certainly matters, just as Milk and the mystical riverhis two iconic award-winning performances that couldn’t be more different or more compelling.

While Penn also made her first foray into television in 2018 via space drama The first oneit’s his role as Jimmy Markum in the mystical rivera loving father mourning the mysterious murder of his child, which resonates as the most deeply moving performance of Sean Penn’s towering film career.

Dan Stevens – The guest

David points a gun in front of a red background in The Guest

In gas lit, English actor Dan Stevens plays John Dean, Nixon’s lawyer during the Watergate scandal. Fans can definitely recognize Stevens as Matthew Crawley from the hit drama Downton Abbeyalthough her first real starring role came in the disturbing 2011 thriller The guest.

In The guest, Stevens plays a man named David, a former soldier who shows up at the Peterson family home claiming he was friends with their dead son. After welcoming him into their home, David slowly reveals his true nature as a dangerous master manipulator. Not for nothing, but Stevens also played the Beast in the 2017 remake of beauty in the beast (although he wears way too much makeup for most of the movie for fans to recognize him easily).

Shae Whigham – Joker

Burke looks down at night in Joker

One of the most compelling character actors of the past 20 years, Shae Whigham has been among the best movies and TV shows around. In Gas lighting, he plays G. Gordon Liddy, the Watergate crime boss. However, given how Joker has grossed over $1 billion worldwide (according to box office mojo), presumably this is where most people recognize Whigham from.

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Joker follows the psychological breakdown of Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix), an aspiring comedian who can’t seem to fend for himself. Whigham plays Detective Burke, one of the lawmen who chase Fleck through a train full of clowns after three Wayne Enterprise employees are killed.

Hamish Linklater – The Fantastic Four

Leonard wears a suit to the office in Fantastic Four

In Gas lighting, Hamish Linklater plays Jeb Magruder, a key accomplice in the Watergate crime. If fans saw his face in the Netflix horror series Midnight Mass or as Leonard Kirk in The Fantastic Four, Linklater remains busy working in films and television. He even worked with Dan Stevens before on the TV show Legion.

Earn over $333 million (per box office mojo), The Fantastic Four is one of the first Marvel films in which Linklater plays Leonard Kirk, the obedient assistant to the villainous Dr. Doom (Julian McMahon). Almost certainly his highest-grossing movie to date, Linklater hasn’t made a superhero movie since.

Betty Gilpin – GLOW

Debbie holds an ice pack over her shoulder in GLOW

American actress Betty Gilpin plays John Dean Mo’s wife in Gas lighting, standing firmly behind her husband during the Watergate hearings. Has already starred in all 30 episodes as Debbie Eagan in Netflix’s popular comedy-drama GLOWGilpin is really making his mark in Hollywood.

GLOW depicts the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, a ragtag group of female professional wrestlers in the 1980s, navigating personal and professional ups and downs while sporting truly rad costumes. After being fired from a popular soap opera for being pregnant, Debbie trains her in-ring alter ego Liberty Belle and begins venting her frustrations on the mat.

Darby Camp – Big Little Lies

Chloe wears a backpack in the street in Big Little Lies

Darby Camp plays John and Martha Mitchell’s young daughter, Marty, in Gas lighting. While most will recognize Camp as the adorable Kate of the two Christmas Chronicles Netflix Movies, Adults Watch Gas lighting will likely recognize Camp for his role in the hit HBO drama big little lies.

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Boasting a top-notch set, with Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and Shailene Woodley front and center, Camp plays Chloe Mackenzie, the young daughter of Ed (Adam Scott) and Maddy (Witherspoon), who is caught in the middle of their troubled marriage.

Allison Tolman – Fargo

Molly uses a flashlight to search a room on Fargo

One of the busiest TV actresses of the past decade, Allison Tolman plays famed journalist Winnie McLendon in Gas lighting. The show marks its 8th television series since Tollman’s breakout role as police deputy Molly Solverson in the first season of Fargofor which she won a Critics Choice TV Award.

The first season of Fargo charts the crimes of hitman Lorne Malvo (Billy Bob Thornton) after crashing a car in a small Minnesota town on the way (he eventually becomes one of the show’s best characters over time). Thanks to his remarkable turn, Tolman had recurring roles in Castle Rock, good girls, and more, solidifying his status as an in-demand actor.

Nat Faxon – The Conners

Neville wears a beige jacket on The Conners

In a rare dramatic twist, comedic actor Nat Faxon plays Bob Halderman in gas lit, Chief of Staff to President Nixon. Although it’s very possible that fans will recognize him as Ben from the 2012 sitcom Ben and Katechances are more people saw him as Neville in The Conners.

From 2020 to 2022, Faxon played Neville, the vet brother of Louise (Katey Sagal), who ends up dating Jackie (Laurie Metcalf). Faxon also does a lot of voiceover work for cartoons, with few realizing he’s also an Oscar-winning screenwriter who co-wrote The descendants.

Patton Oswalt – AP Bio

Ralph wears a Gucci belt to the office in AP Bio

Since young adult for AP Organic, stand-up comedian Patton Oswalt can also be seen in film and television. In Gas lighting, he plays Chuck Colson, who served as Nixon’s special adviser during Watergate. Also doing a ton of voice-over animation work, Oswalt has nearly 230 IMDb credits and counting.

In terms of his most enduring role in his most accessible TV show yet, Oswalt stands out as fun slacker main Ralph Durbin on the popular NBC sitcom. AP Organic, in which Oswalt showcases his irreverent sense of humor. From comedy to drama, film to TV, screen to voiceover, Oswalt is one of the most versatile actors around.

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