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peacock vampire academy began streaming on September 15, 2022, bringing another entry into the popular genre. But Netflix fans already have a vampire-themed series with First murderwhich premiered all of its episodes on June 10, 2022, for what was an interesting series about the romance between a hunter and a vampire.

Fans who want to see the cast in more material will be happy to see them in different genres. This includes the role of Sarah Catherine Hook in horror films like Conspiracy to the role of Jason R. Moore in MCU The Punisher. With First murder is coming to an end, it is best to watch these movies and shows to keep in touch with the strong cast of the Netflix series.


Imani Lewis: Upper Town (2020-)

Available to stream on Starz

Imani Lewis’ Cal was considered the friendliest character in First murdershe appeared in a contrasting role in upper town. The series chronicles the discovery of the body of a woman whose mysterious death leads to an investigation that ultimately uncovers a conspiracy stemming from organized crime.

Lewis played Charmaine Grasa, a drug lord’s niece who eventually succeeds her uncle when he is incarcerated. Lewis was able to showcase his acting lineup with upper town and managed to capture attention whenever she was on screen. Watch his performance in upper town compared to First murder really portrays her acting skills.

Elizabeth Mitchell: Revolution (2012-14)

Available to stream on TubiTV

Revolution takes place in the year 2027, 15 years after a global blackout caused all technology to shut down and ushered in a post-apocalyptic era. Elizabeth Mitchell played Rachel Matheson, whose involvement in causing the blackout is gradually revealed.

Revolution didn’t exactly set the ratings on fire and ended after two seasons, but the show had a dedicated fanbase that got to see the story unfold from start to finish. Mitchell and the rest of the cast were praised for keeping the tension at a compelling tone.

Gracie Dzienny: Supah Ninjas (2011-13)

No broadcast information available

Super Ninjas is an action comedy series that follows a young Japanese-American who learns that he is descended from a family of vigilante ninjas. The protagonist decides to embrace this side of himself and teams up with his two friends to form the titular crime-fighting team.

Gracie Dzienny plays Amanda McKay, the title character’s friend and lover who ditches her popular cheerleader image to become a fighter. Super Ninjas leans more towards the comedic side of things due to being a family series, but that doesn’t take away from Dzienny’s performance.

Jason R. Moore: The Punisher (2017-19)

Available to stream on Disney+

The Punisher is one of the highest rated TV shows in the Marvel Universe where fans have watched Jason R. Moore for two seasons. The series follows the vigilantism of Frank Castle who exhibits brutal methods using deadly force – his personal demons drive him to make even more violent decisions.

Moore appeared as Curtis Hoyle, a close friend of Castle who acts as his moral compass. The Punisher was noted for balancing its casting with the overall protagonist plot and Moore was noted for providing strong supporting Jon Bernthal in the lead role.

Christopher B. Duncan: The Jamie Foxx Show (1996-2001)

Available to stream on HBO Max

The Jamie Foxx Show is an underrated sitcom that few people know about after Foxx found greater success in movies. Regardless, the show had a good run of five seasons that depicted Foxx’s character working at his family hotel to support himself for his music career.

Christopher B. Duncan appears as Braxton P. Hartnabrig, the main protagonist’s nemesis for the first few seasons before eventually becoming his best friend. Duncan’s Comedic Chops Will Look Even More Awesome After First murder given the difference between the two shows.

Polly Draper: Stella’s Last Weekend (2018)

Available to watch on fuboTV

Stella’s Last Weekend is a comedy-drama about two brothers who fall in love with the same woman. Polly Draper plays the matriarch who does her best to keep the antagonism between her sons to a minimum while everyone prepares for the impending death of the family dog, Stella.

Polly Draper and the rest of the minimal cast wear Stella’s Last Weekend throughout since not much happens other than the characters confronting their resentment towards each other. Draper does well in the role that brings everyone together due to their bond with her.

Dominic Goodman: Young Rock (2021-)

Available to watch on Peacock Premium

There aren’t many shows like Young Rock, seeing as it’s about Dwayne Johnson’s early life told through a comedic lens. Dominic Goodman had a starring role in an episode where he played the titular character’s work partner as they took on a grueling job on campus.

Goodman may have only been there for one story, but he got quite a bit of screen time which he used to show off his comedy skills. First murder fans will enjoy watching it happier and lighter material compared to the vampire series.

Aubin Wise: Atlanta (2016-)

Available to watch on Hulu

Atlanta is a comedy-drama television series about main character Earn taking on his cousin as musical director to finally do something worthwhile with his life. However, Aubin Wise appeared in an episode focusing on Earn’s former girlfriend, Van, with Wise’s character being Van’s old friend.

Wise’s only appearance in Atlanta remains memorable, as his sudden return to Van’s life forces the latter to act recklessly and leads to several new problems. Wise’s strong performance does not allow viewers to see her guest appearance, as her actions have a long-lasting impact.

Phillip Mullings, Jr: Bruh by Tyler Perry (2020-)

Available to stream on fuboTV

bruh has a standard premise for a comedy series, showing the lives of several friends in their thirties as they try to kick their bad habits. Phillip Mullings, Jr. plays attorney Mike Alexander, a man who finds keeping his debauchery in the past extremely difficult business.

bruhTyler Penny-directed show status leaves no doubt that the director’s signature filmmaking style is incorporated. bruh brings in multiple personalities due to the large cast, with Mullings, Jr. being able to flesh out his character in his own way.

Sarah Catherine Hook: The Conjuring 3 (2021)

Available to stream on HBO Max

Conspiracy The series remains among the highest rated films directed by James Wan. The devil made me do it brought Ed and Lorraine Warren back for a third adventure, this time seeking to prove in court that a young man who committed a crime was possessed.

Sarah Catherine Cook plays the possession victim’s loyal girlfriend, whose calming presence and undying love for her romantic relationship plays into The Conjuring 3the underlying theme of love versus evil. The film was Cook’s highest-profile acting credit until she landed the top spot for First murder.

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