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Scheduled to premiere on March 4, 2022, the Netflix original series Pieces of her stars the great Toni Collette as Laura Oliver, a suburban mother thrown into heroic action when she and her daughter are caught up in a heartbreaking mass shooting. Shocked by her brazen heroism, Laura’s daughter Andrea (Bella Heathcote) slowly uncovers her mother’s mysterious past, growing closer as they elude the police on the road.

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Directed by Minkie Spiro, Pieces of her joins a rich tradition of dark, thrilling, and mysterious television shows in which much of the drama revolves around a complicated mother-daughter relationship and/or buried family secrets that return from the past to haunt them in the present.


Stay Close – Stream on Netflix

Megan picks a lock with a knife in Stay Close

A preeminent mystery/thriller novelist working today, Harlan Coben has cornered the market for television shows built around enigmatic family members hiding a terribly shady past. However, most relevant to Pieces of her is his most recent, Stay close. The premise follows three characters with dark and deep secrets, including Megan Pierce (Cush Jumbo), a suburban mother of three with a hidden identity.

In addition to burying her sordid past as a former stripper, Megan and her fiancé Dave (Daniel Francis) also try to keep their new identities a secret when a cold case involving a missing person brings them face to face with a detective in disgrace and washed- photographer. Disturbing, deceitful and unpredictable, stay close and Pieces of her are quite sympathetic.

Little Fires Everywhere – Stream on Hulu

Mia and Pearl stand in the kitchen in Little Fires Everywhere

For another top TV show about lying mothers and daughters hiding perilous pasts, tune into Hulu’s Small fires everywhere. Based on Celest Ng’s 2017 novel, the idyllic Richardsons find their lives slowly dismantled upon the arrival of the mysterious Mia (Kerry Washington) and Pearl Warren (Lexi Underwood), shrewd con artists who seek long-term revenge for past transgressions.

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Beyond the provocative kinship between Mia and Pearl, it’s the frayed mother-daughter bond between Elena (Reese Witherspoon) and Izzy (Megan Scott) resulting from their encounters with the former that resonates so much. As such, the miniseries won five Primetime Emmys.

Amazing – Stream on Netflix

Karen and Grace stand against a wall together in Incredible

Although the plot is somewhat subverted, the important must-see Netflix original true-crime series Incredible is another eight-part mystery crime drama starring Toni Collette in a lead role. As for the plot, Collette plays Grace Rasmussen, a detective tasked with uncovering the truth after teenage Marie (Kaitlyn Dever) is accused of lying about a sexual assault.

Based on the actual news article written by Ken Armstrong, Incredible has garnered universal praise for its powerful narrative that recounts true criminal events with honesty and sensitivity. Marie’s relationship with her adoptive mothers plays a huge role in the mysterious crime drama.

Behind Her Eyes – Stream on Netflix

Adele holds a knife in the kitchen in Behind Her Eyes

fans of Pieces of her are sure to enjoy behind his eyes, another deeply intriguing mystery/thriller miniseries centered around an enigmatic single mother. The story traces Louise (Simona Brown), a woman who has an affair with her boss, David (Tom Bateman), before forming a strange bond with his wife, Adele (Eve Hewson).

With dark psychological thriller tropes and a mesmerizing visual aesthetic, behind his eyes shows what it looks like when the veneer of domestic bliss is upended by a tangle of deceptions, buried secrets and bruised pasts.

Safe – Stream on Netflix

Tom stands behind Jenny outside Safe

Another Harlan Coben mystery/thriller that follows Netflix‘s proven formula is Sure, a detective drama that swaps the mother-daughter model for a father-daughter story. Michael C. Hall plays Tom Delaney, a man desperately searching for his missing teenage daughter Jenny (Amy James-Kelly). However, the closer he gets to his whereabouts, the more he discovers his own cryptic past.

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Aside from the grip of the central mystery to draw viewers in, it’s the complex relationship with Jenny and her other daughter Carrie (Isabelle Allen) and the way they mourn the recent loss of their mother that makes the revelation shocking to the such a memorable ending.

The Maid – Stream On Hulu

Thony wears bloody cleaning gloves in The Cleaning Lady

In Pieces of her, Laura hides her past to protect her daughter. In The cleaning lady, Thony De La Rosa (Elodie Yung) goes into hiding and forges a cryptic identity to save her son who is in dire need of medical attention. Both mystery crime dramas show how single moms will do anything to keep their kids safe.

With two episodes remaining in the first season of The cleaning ladyit’s the perfect time to catch up before Pieces of her debuts on March 4. Beyond the gripping mother-son narrative, the commentary on US immigration adds a salient layer to the proceedings.

Sharp Objects – Stream on HBO Max

Adora and Camille face each other in profile on Sharp Objects

For another disturbing story of a woman coming to terms with her traumatic past while coping with family disarray, HBO’s standout miniseries, sharp objects, is the place to be. Based on the novel by Gillian Flynn, Camille Preaker (Amy Adams in one of her best roles) is an investigative journalist forced to confront her dark childhood when assigned to investigate a murder in her hometown.

While Adams gives a tour de force, it’s his mother Adora played by Patricia Clarkson who really resonates as the macabre albatross clinging to Camille’s neck. The oppressed memories, the hazy secrets and the deep penchant for violence within the family stir to the heart.

Tell Me Your Secrets – Stream on Amazon Prime

Mary watches John in Tell Me Your Secrets

The Amazon Prime Original Series Tell me your secrets takes the basic principle of Pieces of her and multiply it by three. Indeed, the mysterious crime drama follows a trio of protagonists, all of whom possess a life-changing secret that grows ever more perilous as it nears public disclosure.

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Of the three separate storylines, the one involving Mary Barlow (Amy Brenneman), a grieving single mother desperate to find her missing daughter, is the most relevant to Pieces of her Fans. Mary’s shocking secrets and past transgressions play a key role in the series finale.

The Act – Stream on Hulu

Dee Dee holds Gypsy on The Act

Basically Hulu’s Stellar Original, the act, is about a mother doing everything in her power to deceive her daughter about their two identities. Based on the shocking true crime story, Dee Dee Blanchard (Patricia Arquette) convinces her own daughter, Gypsy (Joey King), that she’s been diagnosed with a host of illnesses and conditions that force her to stay isolated inside. The abusive behavior was seen as a trick to collect medical benefits.

As a result, Gypsy suffers Munchausen Syndrome by proxy as Dee Dee doubles down every turn, creating a massive charade that no one could sustain forever. Fortunately, just as in Pieces of herGypsy slowly discovers what her manipulative mother is up to before it’s too late.

Mare Of Easttown – Stream on HBO Max

Mare hugs Siobhan on Mare of Easttown

Regardless of the organic plot parallels, anyone interested in watching arguably two of today’s best actresses in a pivotal role that celebrates the power of women should check out Kate Winslet in Easttown Marethen Toni Collette in Pieces of her.

As for the practical similarities, Easttown Mare is a character-driven crime drama about the search for redemption. An athletic hero from his hometown 25 years ago, Mare now works as an average police detective trying to overcome a bad reputation. The key to Mare’s success is to face her past rather than hide from it, rekindling the fighting spirit she had as a star athlete years before. Mare’s relationship with her daughter, Siobhan (Angourie Rice), and her own mother, Helen (Jean Smart), is central to the series.

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