10 Best TV Shows And Movies Featuring Werewolves, According To Reddit


The Next Werewolf Movie The beast comes at midnight is another sign that this supernatural creature remains as popular a subject for movies as it ever was. The werewolf seems to appeal to something deep in the human psyche, embodying a sinister desire to transcend the limitations imposed by being a mere human.

While there have been many great movies and TV shows featuring werewolves in their stories, Reddit users have been discussing which ones stand out from the crowd because anyone who loves werewolf tales will definitely love these projects.


The Howl (1981)

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Although it is often difficult to combine horror and comedy, it is a balancing act that is surprisingly well done by The howling, which also offers very powerful special effects. That’s not to say the movie lacks the chill factor, though.

As lemon-hancers says, it’s “probably the only legitimately scary werewolf movie I’ve seen.” It’s precisely the film’s ability to use its special effects to show the transition from human to wolf that makes it a truly terrifying film.

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009)

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The underworld The franchise is one of the most notable in the horror genre, fleshing out an entire fictional universe that viewers can get lost in. It’s a prequel to several of the other episodes, and given its strong cast and remarkably cohesive tone, it manages to provide useful background to the stories that already exist.

So it’s no wonder luckyiesthydra calls it “my favorite werewolf movie for miles.” More importantly, it succeeds in providing the story behind the werewolf/vampire war that is such an important part of this franchise.

An American Werewolf in London (1981)

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An American werewolf in London is often considered one of the best horror movies ever made, and it’s easy to see why. It manages to be both really scary and also very funny at the same time.

It features some truly remarkable special effects, all of which show the enormous agony entailed by the transition from human to wolf and it is, in its own weird way, something of a human tragedy. SulutheIguana calls it “my favorite movie”.

Van Helsing (2004)

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Hugh Jackman has starred in many great films and, oddly enough, Van Helsing is one of them. He brings his own charm and star charisma to the role, arguably one of the most famous hunters of supernatural creatures in literary history. It features werewolves as an important part of its story, though it also includes Dracula.

DarthExtium writes of the film, “Love the 2004 Van Helsing movie, it was this show that helped me fall in love with werewolves.” It’s the type of film that shows just how enjoyable the gothic horror genre can often be.

Zombies 2 (2020)

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The Disney channel has produced some very good films, and Zombies 2 is a surprisingly strong entry considering it’s a sequel. In this case, it centers on a group of zombies and cheerleaders trying to help a group of werewolves integrate into society.

Minecraft_Warrior writes: “It’s pretty cool, the story is cool and the soundtrack is epic.” It not only features a number of strong performances from the cast, but it also managed to deliver some valuable messages about the importance of body acceptance.

The Wolf Man (1941)

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Classic Hollywood was known for many great horror films, and one of the most notable examples is The werewolf. In fact, it became one of the most beloved universal horror films of the 1930s and 1940s.

As Howling-1 says, “My all-time favorite is The Wolf Man. I don’t think it was ever surpassed. Even now, when so much about the film industry has changed, it retains its power to send shivers down the spine of viewers, and it amply demonstrates just how important a figure the lycanthrope has been in popular culture.

Soldier Dogs (2002)

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The 2000s were a particularly rich period for horror films, and dog soldiers isn’t just a strong example of the horror genre, it’s also one of the great werewolf movies. It actually manages to take its unique and downright bizarre premise and execute it flawlessly.

Focusing on a group of soldiers who are attacked in the Scottish Highlands by werewolves, it features a unique blend of horror, action, and comedy that’s refreshing in the genre. One Reddit user put it best: “Dog Soldiers is amazing.”

The Wolf Man (2010)

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Although remakes don’t always manage to capture the magic of the original, The werewolf, according to users on Reddit, is a film that manages to update the first version while retaining something of a unique spirit. It also features a vibrant cast, including Benicio del Toro, Anthony Hopkins and Hugo Weaving.

Victaris95 writes: “Love the setting of Victorian England.” The film stands out for the way it captures the atmosphere of its time, with a number of disturbing locations.

Hemlock Grove (2013-2015)

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Netflix has been responsible for many great horror series, and hemlock grove is one of their best. It’s a rather brutal series focusing on supernatural happenings in the small town of Hemlock Grove.

It is particularly notable for having particularly violent werewolf scenes, especially the moments when the characters transform into their lupine counterparts. It has a visceral and terrifying aspect to it which makes it a top pick for those who love werewolf movies. PurnimaTitha says it best: “10/10 would recommend.”

The Company of Wolves (1984)

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The company of wolves is a riveting, grim, and sometimes thoughtful film based on the equally chilling works of author Angela Carter. Like a story from the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood, it challenges the viewer to rethink their take on this classic story. In particular, the film stands out for its powerful, visceral imagery and the brutal violence of its transformative moments.

Always_on has this to say: “Company of Wolves was my first werewolf movie when I was young.” It’s clearly the type of film designed to stay with the viewer for many years to come.

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