10 Best Movies Like Netflix’s Carter


Highly Stylized And Bloody (Very, Very Bloody), Netflix’s South Korean Action Movie Carter has been a hit with viewers since its debut on the streamer on August 5. When Carter wakes up with no memory and a scar on the back of his head, he’s sent on a whirlwind mission to retrieve a doctor’s missing daughter who may hold the key to ending a zombie-causing pandemic.

While the film may not fully expand on all of the storylines it balances, the film’s relentless action and over-the-top graphic violence will surely keep fans entertained throughout. For audiences who enjoyed Carter’s Stylized violence, frenetic direction or non-stop action, these 10 films provide similar sensations, from beginning to end.


The Wicked (2017)

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Directed by Carter director Jung Byung-gil, The Villainess tells the story of a young, highly skilled assassin on the road to revenge. Like Carter, the film features a wide array of innovative action sets that show Byung-gil’s eye for stagecraft, including a jaw-dropping opening scene.

For fans who hope Carter may have a bit more emotional weight to its story, it’s the perfect follow-up to put together, as the over-the-top action never makes the audience lose sight of the story of Sook-hee’s quest for revenge.

The Night Comes for Us (2018)

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When a crisis of conscience strikes Ito, a member of the Six Seas Triad, he must use all his skills to flee his old crew, corrupt cops, and just about anyone who gets in his way.

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With Joe Taslim (whom audiences might recognize as the man behind the Sub-Zero mask in the latest mortal combat) The night is coming for us unfolds as one long, brutal, beautifully filmed fight scene that happens to have moments of dialogue between the two. As Carterthe movie doesn’t hurt when it comes to violence, often featuring fights that are both staged and graphically realistic.

Triple Threat (2019)

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Essentially The Expendables of martial arts films, fans of Carter’s intense hand-to-hand combat sequences will overload the action of Triple Threat watching Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais and Tiger Chen as unwilling allies fighting to stop the mercenaries to commit high level politics. assassination.

Although the story and characters are thin, watching the three leads show off all of their talents is still a joy to watch. Rounding out the cast are Scott Adkins, Michael Jai White, and Michael Bisping, ensuring their haters have as many skills as they do.

The Raid (2012)

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Extended fight sequences, seemingly insurmountable odds, and an emphasis on cinematography are just a few of the traits shared by The Raid and Carter. The raid follows a rookie cop whose task force must fight their way through an apartment building to capture a drug lord who owns the area and has gangs and residents defending him.

The film was a huge hit and helped make Indonesian and Asian action films more popular in the United States, also becoming one of the highlights of star Iko Uwais’ young career.

Dredd (2012)

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The American response to the success of LoweringKarl Urban stars as the iconic Judge Dredd who, along with a young rookie judge, is tasked with bringing down a powerful drug lord hiding atop a 200-story tower.

Forced to fight their way through waves of gangs to reach the top, Dredd’s the unique sequences and massive fight scenes will look more than familiar to anyone after watching Carter, as both spare no detail when it comes to on-screen action. All of this adds up to Dred being a film that fans continue to celebrate as one of the best comic book films and one that is more than deserving of a sequel.

Upgrade (2018)

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Unique visuals, well-acted fight scenes, and a unique premise focused on improving people through technology, Upgrade flew under the radar of many mainstream audiences, but has since found a cult following.

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Written and directed by Leigh Whannell, the film straddles a line between cyberpunk action and dark humor, anchored by a fantastic performance from Logan Marshall-Green as the titular character, Grey. The film’s direct approach to conventional sci-fi subjects scores similar to Carter, using the backdrop of a zombie outbreak to deliver the true message of the story.

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One-man movies have been a tried-and-true formula in Hollywood for decades, but few in recent history have had the impact of Extraction. The premise is simple: Chris Hemsworth is a mercenary tasked with recovering the son of a crime lord who has been kidnapped by a rival crime lord.

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What follows is two hours of exhilarating action, unique fight sequences that allow audiences to see and feel every punch, and an experience audiences are unlikely to forget. It will be interesting to see how the upcoming sequel raises the bar for a film that sets the bar so high.

Train to Busan (2016)

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A part of Carter which may be lost among all the action is the film’s backdrop of a deadly virus that is causing people to become zombies. Train to Busan follows a father who fights to protect his daughter as a zombie outbreak occurs on a high-speed train.

Blending action with traditional horror elements, the film strikes a great balance ensuring that those who aren’t huge horror fans can still enjoy the action sequences and the heart at the center of the movie. story. Zombies can be more menacing than in Carterbut like the Netflix movie, the real selling point is the expertly staged fight sequences.

Guns Akimbo (2020)

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There’s not a lot of humor in Carter but everything else went up to 11 for the duration of the film. Akimbo Firearms is the perfect answer for audiences who want the same full-throttle experience with a little more humor.

Starring Daniel Radcliffe as a computer programmer immersed in a sadistic game broadcast live to audiences, the film is a more modern, humorous take on movies like The running man and player. Daniel Radcliffe is fantastic in a role that went on to help the star shape his post-Harry Potter career, but it’s a Samara Weaving that steals the stage and really leaves a lasting impression.

Crank (2006)

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Although it is one of the first films of his career, Crank remains one of Jason Stathan’s most popular and best performances. Injected with poison, hitman Chev Chelios must keep his adrenaline pumping long enough to find the antidote and get revenge on the people who poisoned him.

What follows is a surreal, dark ride as Chev turns to increasingly absurd ways to keep his adrenaline pumping. As Carterthe film and its equally lopsided sequel may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it knows its audience well and makes sure to give them everything they can handle and more.

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