Anyone taking out a business loan must be aware of the costs involved. A business credit has other costs, besides the amount to be repaid.

For example, a (fixed) interest often applies. This interest only applies to the drawn part. This often concerns a percentage between 5 and 9 percent. The amount of this percentage depends on the creditworthiness profile of the entrepreneur.

It is possible that repayments cannot be penalty-free. It is a wise decision to investigate this. Certain lenders allow additional repayments free of charge, while others charge a fee.

Calculate the options per financing form

Calculate the options per financing form

It is not necessary to provide annual figures for a business loan. This is in contrast to applying for a business loan. In a business loan, the lender often asks for these numbers to assess creditworthiness. It often also applies to a loan that the entrepreneur must have been active for a minimum number of years.

This is not necessary with a credit. As a result, a business credit is also suitable for starting entrepreneurs. There are numerous providers who want to offer credit, without the need for annual figures. With this credit, start-ups can start their business.

Every form of financing, be it a business loan or a business credit, involves certain risks. It is a good idea to weigh these risks against each other. Borrowing money costs money, even with credit.

All requirements can be found on the ‘Apply for and take out business credit’ page.

Calculate monthly business credit

Calculate monthly business credit

Calculating the monthly costs for business credit can be done quickly and easily with a credit calculator. The calculation can also be done manually.

First of all, the amount to be borrowed must be determined. In an example we use the amount of 125,000 dollars. For example, the term is 9 months. The interest has been set at 6,975 dollars (5.58 percent). This brings the total amount to 131,975 dollars. We divide this by the term of 9 months. The monthly payment is then 14,664 dollars.

The interest is spread over several periods. As the term progresses, the interest rate decreases. The repayment per month can vary. A refunded amount may also be withdrawn.

Frequently asked questions about calculating a credit


What does revolving credit mean?

A revolving credit is intended to create some extra financial space for a longer period. This period has not been determined. It is a loan in which the entrepreneur sets a limit himself. The borrowing party thus determines when part of the amount is withdrawn.

Is the interest the same every month?

With a business loan, the interest is the same every month. This is not the case with business credit. The interest on a business credit is variable and can therefore rise or fall.

For whom is a business credit suitable?

A business credit is suitable for entrepreneurs who want to make a longer term investment in their company. Consider, for example, maintaining a computer network or maintaining machines. It is almost always about matters that last longer than once.

Who can apply for a business credit?

Any entrepreneur with a sole proprietorship, general partnership or private company can apply for a business loan. The lender does test the creditworthiness of the borrowing party.

Is the credit reported to BKR?

Credits are registered with the Credit Registration Office (BKR) in Tiel. This is a rule for all loans, including credits. The agency then has an overview of all loans that have been taken out. Payment arrears are also reported here. The only exception to the rule is registering a BV. Private companies cannot be registered with the BKR.

How much is the interest for my company?

The interest rate depends on the creditworthiness of the entrepreneur. The desired term of the loan also has an influence. More information on the exact interest, costs and criteria can be found on the lender’s website and on this website.